Saturday, February 24, 2007

love for fireworks


Just got back from the city Plaza to celebrate Bacolaodiat! MYGOD! The fireworks were amazing! It was boring at first, but after an instance, napa “woah!” ako. I was thinking that it was not worth watching, but I was wrong! I definitely will appreciate fireworks from now on. I hate myself for not being able to watch last year because of MY responsibility it has always been a burden! But they say this year is way better than last year! Curse my batchmates for not giving me even just a glance at the spectacular show! At least they say that this year is better. But believe me it can’t compete internationally but, not bad. It is really different watching the fireworks display live. It is a bad thing that I wasn't able to time the show, but it is roughly 30mins. The fireworks was worth P200,000, and it was sponsored by SM. FYI, SM is gonna open its doors on Thursday, March 2, so it’s part of their advertisement.

OMG I know my entry is untidy, sorry. Ok I’ll explain it to you.

Last year, our batch had fundraising activities to pay our yearbook so the bacolaodiat festival was part of our target. We rented a booth and sold goods. As the treasurer, and as the only one RESPONSIBLE! Or let me say concerned, I was left in our booth when the fireworks started, as if I needed money from that activity! Ok, because of liability I managed to wait patiently and suffer from curiosity. Why do I have this conscience of not giving up from my work? I always suffered. I was very patient. I didn’t saw anything. I haven’t joined the parade. I was so not enjoying!

So, enough about last year, at least I witnessed the “better” fireworks display now! Bwahaha and we had this parade yesterday representing USLS. Yes, I’m now representing my Filsino club in college but the club is still consist of my high school friends, so basically I was still with the taytungains. I wanna watch fireworks display in Disneyland, they say they have a good show. I hope I can do that this summer. I was not able to blog yesterday because I was waiting fir our pictures from my friend’s cam. But until now I haven’t seen her online so maybe I’ll post more pictures from the parade soon. But now I’ll just share some of my pics and my fireworks picture.


stoichyu said...

how nice... haha. At least you got to see it now. :D

Katia said...

i just loove fireworks!

tina said...

fireworks sure are lovely!! :P lalo na dun sa HKdisneyland.. kasi may background music and all that bastaa.. soo sweett..

pero mas maganda siguro ung disneyland sa florida. haha. :)

glad you had fun..

Katia said...

hey tina, everyday ba may fireworks sa HK disneyland? or special occasions lang?

pam said...

wee! nice!:D