Tuesday, March 27, 2007

not enough time

I really don't have time to blog right now, but I'll just say a few words. I already got admitted to another course, HM. I am not actually anxious about it, but my screening schedule has conflict with my class schedule. So, I was nagging for four says because the faculty was always empty. I can't reschedule my screening today. Good thing we were dismissed early in business management, so I rushed to the HM faculty and I found many students waiting for their turn. Goodthing my family name starts with "C" so i was one of the earliest to be called. Well, the interview was easy. I was not nervous at all, compared to accountancy exams. So I'm kinda happy about it.

Then the hard part. My Math teacher said that my assignment is lost, so she gave me a ZERO! Is that fair?!?!?!?!? I am not the one responsible for it. I passed it! duh. So meaning, I can't be exempted from the exam. She's so unfair. She even exempted some people that have line of 8 in prelim! I had a 93 and a 94! It is just a homework, which comprises about 10% of the equivalent grade. And to think, it is not my fault that my paper got lost! :(

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

weee, a good day

As I woke up, i already felt that this is gonna be a good day. My prediction never went worng.

I finally figured out what’s wrong with my desktop! My firewall is being hysterical! It says it allowed the programs that use, but it actually blocked them. I still didn’t know what’s wrong with Sygate, so I just reinstalled it. I’m soooooooooooooooooo happy today! Got a HIGHer score in accounting! Bwahahaha I finally can breathe. Our midterm grades finally came out, a week before finals. So stressful. I am tensioned by our requirements for now. I miss playing basketball at WOF! Woaw. And we hard play pusoy dos these days.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Sorry cause I didn’t state the reason why I didn’t have enough time to blog in my last post. Well, my desktop’s wifi isn’t working so I have to use the laptop, my father’s, my sister’s or my brother’s pc to go online. I can’t do things properly when I’m not using my own pc. I am just not used to it. I can't work with that. So I choose to keep quiet until my desktop will be fixed.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

all about my car

Ok so I have a lot to tell but I don’t have enough time. Today isn’t really something to tell. I’d rather elaborate more about yesterday.

My emotional status is quite OK, thank God! We did not have our last period class so I was already free at 130pm. We decided to take a walk around the university and we stopped at my car. We decided to take a rest so Kristine and I jumped in the car while others were standing outside. We were hysterically talking about many things, primarily the clothes that they will wear for their PE presentation. I did not notice what was happening until Kristine asked me why the car was moving (while she was turning the steering wheel). I told her, “of course, because the wheels move”. I didn’t mind her because I was busy chatting but she still continued to do that. After a while, she pressed the horn and they were all shocked (including Kristine). The rest of them are in front of the car so they heard the loud noise directly. Kristine Ong was still playing with the steering wheel and I told her to stop, while jokingly say, “what if I can’t reach home”

I was getting bored so I decided to go home. As I arranged my things, I was surprise to find out that my steering wheel was locked. It is the car’s initiative to lock itself to prevent car-napping. I was getting worried and I don’t know how to fix it at all because the car won’t start, the keys won’t turn. Then Jean said that we might need help so she texted her friend to help us. When her friend, Mark came, he turned the keys and the car started. It was stiff to turn the keys so only a strong person can do that. So I was relieved and I started driving.

I was doing my routine driving, passing through the same streets I pass everyday, when I suddenly remembered to go to my family’s workplace. I decided to turn to this unfamiliar road going to the place’s direction, west, when I realized that the road was getting farther, farther than it should be. I was turning left and right when I realized that I don’t know where I’m heading. I was just feeling calm because after all I am still in Bacolod. I finally got to this familiar landmark and felt relief. I was still driving towards west when I realized that I was wrong, I was moving back to where I’ve been. Then I turned back again and decided to just go home.

Talking about almost 18 years of existence here in Bacolod, Sheeeesh.

Monday, March 12, 2007


ARGH another stressful day. Got a test in accounting and again, I had no answer. I am so stressed that I cried after the quiz. I still am waiting for our midterm grade considering that we are about 2 weeks till endterm exam already. What a waste of time. I hate myself for not studying. I admit; I did not study. So I feel regret right now. I know I should’ve studied. It’s so hard for me to think about that happening.

Oh well, on the happier side we just had our surprise for jo-ann last Saturday. Waa. Our plan was not really a plan; it was not more of preparation. I am just used to preparations that I consider that event so candid. Well, it was hard to communicate with my high school friends but we still managed. We made everything almost on the spot. We ordered cake the day before. We were not sure where to surprise her. We were not sure how many will be there. We did not prepare enough food. When we reached the said venue, the subdivision club house, there was an event hat night so we can’t use the club house. We hurriedly decided to do it in her house without even asking the permission of her aunt. We said that we will start preparing the venue at 1pm but we arrived at 2, which is very unusual because I don’t get late. Well the surprise was not so surprising because we were confused when she arrived so we quickly light the candles and we even did not finish doing it because she was there in front of us when we realized that we took so long lighting the candle. The party poppers were even not synchronized. But at least she was shocked seeing us there.

Here are some pictures. See my multiply for more.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

what a day

Sorry for the long stagnation of my blog. I am just so busy. And I am frustrated.

Just got back from school and heck, so many things happened. We had our recollection the whole day. But I hate the fact that it wasn’t effective. I don’t find any significance in that activity. I was just anxiously waiting for it to end. By 430, we had to attend our soroptimis international meeting so there we were waiting outside C15.. The room was empty. I thought the meeting was over or they transferred the venue so I called all my other colleagues to ask. There was no answer. It was about 440 already so I was worried because I thought before that we can’t attend the meeting anymore because our recollection was schedule until 530. Soroptimis International is a club for women business professionals. It is starting to form a Sigma society chapter in our school.

We were supposed to be attending our seminar that time for our group guidance class but we thought it was not compulsory. The seminar was about the majoring that commerce students must have knowledge about so that we they can decide what to major. But as accountancy student, it was also dedicated to us because it is just a little possibility that we can reach 4th year. Eventually the accountancy students will get fewer each year due to insufficient grade of below 83. We decided not to attend the seminar because the teacher said it was not required. I am shifting to HM so I was not interested with the seminar.

Then I received the bad news. My classmate texted me saying that we will have minus 10 in our GG grade if we don’t attend the seminar. So I was panicking head to toe because we will be starting our induction of officers in Soroptimis. I was so irritated with some people.

First, she hates us. She really implemented the minus 10 because she hates us.

Second, she is so selfish that she lets me feel that I am the one responsible for the conflict of schedule that in the first place, I didn’t force her to join. The details are confidential so I might not post it here. Yes I am convincing people to participate because I am just doing what an active member is supposed to do. It is really unfair to just list you as an officer by name but you are just using the position. It is also unfair not doing anything if you took the responsibility. It is just not a good leader must be. If you don't want to help, then don't. Don't just use the name to be glamorous.

Oh God! I so hate this day. I spent the whole day praying then I was shocked when my mood was turned upside-down in just a matter of an hour.