Friday, January 19, 2007

My elephant

I pity something right now! I told you about my elephant-shape mouse-wrist-rest ayt? I really love it and I treasure it so much. It has glow-in-the-dark stars inside and it is pretty colorful. Well now, it is dying! Haha. It is the eye-catcher in my room just because every person who enters always notices it. They always play with it and squeeze him in torture. I always have a hard time protecting my stuff and I always pity him in the end. Now, it is so dirty and is about to rip open. I worry a lot of loosing it. I don’t think I can still replace it cause I bought it from Singapore and I haven’t seen one here in the Philippines! Urgh! Here is a picture of my beloved stuffs, my mouse-wrist-rest and my pink mouse. haha

Monday, January 8, 2007

cool things

Here is something cool *or at least for me it is*.

I just got the link from pam

Your Learning Style: Practical and Rational

You aren't afraid of hard work... or learning something completely on your own.

You Should Study:

Civil Engineering
Health administration
What Should You Study?

You Are 52% Grown Up, 48% Kid

You've grown up a good bit, but you still have a way to go before you're emotionally mature.
You have the skills to control your emotions, you just have to use them.
How Emotionally Mature Are You?

Your Blog Should Be Purple

You're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.
You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.
You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.
What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

You Are 64% Spoiled

You're pretty spoiled, but you probably don't think you're spoiled enough.
No doubt about it, you're living the good life. Maybe a little too good!
Are You Spoiled?

Here is the funny part, it says that i should study accounting well in fact I am an accountancy student right now and I'm planning to shift course next year.

We had these series of tests in Group Guidance this morning. Our guidance counselor interpreted them and it turned out that i should get computer science, technology, accounting or management because i had high scores in those fields. I actually got a perfect score in comsci. Yes, I am interested in computers but I am afraid of facing people that are already in superior in it. I know, I should try it because I enjoy computer and technology and I have also interest in it, but I will just take Management accounting. Accounting stuffs and computer stuffs are in the list of my choices since high school. If I'll combine them, i would go double major, but i don't like to be double-majored cause I will be under College of Arts and Sciences and I already love my CBA *college of business and accountancy* family.

The interpretation also says that I am under-achieving which means that I can do more than what i am doing right now becuase i had a superior IQ score but I only got an above average in my current academic performance . So, the guidance counselor says that I am just LAZY but I can actually do better. Everything she says is extremely correct! It says that I am dominant in things that I want. I push anything that i want to happen and I usually get what i want. AND take note, according to blogthings, I am spoiled. See the picture?

Saturday, January 6, 2007


I really like starbucks' frappuccinno. But unfortunately, we don't have starbucks here in Bacolod. uhh!. >_<>


And i just want to show you my dream dog. I like Scottish terriers very much.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Year

New Year

1. If you could give just one word for '06 what would it be?
~* changed

2. What are your favorite memories of '06?
~* graduation?

3. From 1-10 how would you rate this year?
~* 6! 2005 is way better

4. If you could change one thing about '06 what would it be?
~* a lot, but I actually cannot change it that easily

5. If you could rewind back to one moment in 2006, what would it be?
~* a lot also! Batch activities, and a lot more

1. Did you make any new friends?
~* yes, in college

2. Do you think any of your friends have changed?
~* yeah!

3. Do you still have the same friends you had in the beginning of the year?
~* uhuh

4. Who would you say was your best friend overall this year?
~* rose ann

5. Who are your CLOSEST friends?
~* um, to name a few, joann, tinpo, herl, ong, philippe, khriza, Denver (really? I consider you as a friend? Waaaa shame on me), a lot actually, my 1st year in college, almost everyone is new.

1. Do you have any regrets for this year?
~* YES.

2. Has a lot changed in your life?
~* YES.

3. Do you think you have changed?
~* I think so

4. Do you have a New Year’s resolution? What is it?
~* no I dont

1. Have you had any heartbreaks this year?
~* none

2. Did you break any?
~* break what?

IN 2006, HAVE YOU:
[ ] Kissed anyone
[x] Hugged anyone
[x] Been out of state
[x] Gone on vacation
[ ] Failed a class
[ ] Been camping
[ ]Ridden a roller coaster
[ ] Gone snow boarding
[ ] Played laser tag
[x] Been out of the country
[x] Laughed so hard it hurt
[ ] Had surgery
[ ] Been to a bonfire
[ ] Made smores
[ ] Went tanning
[x] Made a mistake
[ ] Prank called anyone
[ ]Dyed your hair
[x] Chopped off a lot of your hair
[ ] Broken any bones
[ ] Been in a physical fight
[ ] Played hide and seek
[ ] Been to a funeral
[x] Said something to someone you wish you could take back
[ ] Been to the circus
[x] Shot a gun
[ ] Passed out
[x] Played a sport
[x] Been to the hospital
[ ] Been pantsed
[x] Lost your voice
[x] Gone to the zoo
[x] Gone shopping
[x] Cooked your own food
[ ] played paintball
[ ] Gone mudding
[ ] Painted a room
[ ] Lost weight
[ ] Gone four wheeling
[x] Lost someone important to you
[x] Slept for over 12 hours


Exercise more?
~* sure

Get a better job?
~* better grades, hehe

Go to school/college?
~* in college

Quit smoking?
~* NEVER smoked

Quit Drinking?
~* I don’t drink

Have any other resolution? Or No resolution?
~* no resolution

Are you going to Get married?
~* No

Have a baby?
~* neither

Buy a house?
~* hope so

Move out on your own?
~* nope

Graduate from school?
~* no din

See your child graduate
~* if i'll have one.

Any other major things going on?
~* la naman.

And Lastly...
Do you have any hopes for 2007?
~* a LOT!!

What are they?
~* no way! i can fill up pages if you'll ask me

Monday, January 1, 2007

end of '06

Huhuhu… :(

Bye 2006

Welcome 2007!

First post for 2007, what can I say?

2006 is not a good year for me, but it is not that bad. Many things had happened that I can consider it below average. But, I am so afraid to face 2007, which is the year of the pig. FYI, I am Chinese and we believe in zodiacs. Pig is the worst enemy of Snake, and I am a snake, which means that we are the most unlucky. Another thing, I will be turning 18 this year and I HATE it. I am so not happy of being in legal age. I don’t even like growing old. Now I miss my game boy. waaa