Monday, January 21, 2008

hanging bags are falling down

When I got into my room last Saturday, I was puzzled when I saw a mountainous figure from the dark. I got home late, obviously, so my room was dark. I hurriedly turned the lights on while thinking, “Why is there an ukay-ukay in my room?” When the lights were on, I saw my bag hanger broke and fell down. The middle part cracked because its over-weight. So, here’s the picture.

So you see Winnie the Pooh hanging? Haha. And I needed some help in fixing it.

Today is the start of our University Sportsfest. And, today is the only day that I will get to enjoy the events but I am sick. I still went to school and watched cheering, bbal game and practiced our speech choir. As usual, CBA lost in cheering, no surprise. BUT we won the basketball game against College of Arts and Sciences.

Being sick now is really a big problem for me. I will be away tomorrow but I am sill, how good is that? How can I enjoy? How can I enjoy a place with a very low temperature when I have colds? Arghhh I won’t be updating until Monday of next week. But maybe I can sneak sometime to be online if I find somewhere to log in. I will miss being online.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Lately, I’ve been very busy and depressed about so many things, mostly schoolworks. I get very pressured on sportsfest, not that I’m into sports, but because I am leaving so I will have absences for about a week. I am trying my best to give patch up things by sponsoring something for the College of Business and Accountancy, as per requested by my professor, but there are some professors who can’t do away with that and they would really check. So I have some mischief, like sponsoring for another event so that our Mayor (class president) will check my attendance for the whole week, without being there at all. She requested me again, so why should I put her down? Talking about a future progressive Philippines, with this kind of citizens? I know it is wrong; I just can’t afford to miss so many points for a week. I will be leaving for a while with my family.

I have so many requirements lately. One is to interview a parish priest. It is for our Religion 4. So we ended up taking a video of our interviewee because we can’t catch up with his answers. We’re supposed to just take down notes, so now we justt have to type everything he said in the video.

While making it, I was too bored and too irritated that I went out of my room and I saw the ilang-ilang tree. It was blossoming so I took a flower and played with it while Nissi was typing our interview report. Look what I’ve done.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

thinking about blogging here in multiply

Because of the population of multiply getting bigger, I'm thinking of making another blog, or stop cross-posting my blogger account here.

I need privacy. And I don't feel at ease telling it to some strangers. I maybe mean to you, sorry but i just have to do this soon.

a random thought from me ^-^

I was so addicted to spring waltz for a few days that I chose it over malling, but it was just for a couple of days, then my life went back to normal. Phew! Another stressful week, it is my 1st week in school for 2008 and a lot of revelations happened. Some of my grades came out, but I’m not so affected with it, some are good, some are so-so. I want to watch a lot of movies! I already watch National treasure, SSS, and shake rattle and roll. SRR was so ugly! Hehe Nat’l treasure was good, but I still want to watch I am legend. I have mixed emotions right now, that includes hunger. I just want to enjoy life. I will be having a leave on the sportsfest so I won’t be here to “cheer” for college of business and accountancy. I am not sad at all, in fact I’m happy. I will update you soon.

OK so I’m in my secretive side again, those ^ were just something to distract my attention. I won’t say what happened, again, but I will tell you what I feel.

I feel so sad. I am not heart-broken, don’t get me wrong. I am just confused of my surroundings. Why am I in this situation? What did I do? I am not either on a cat fight. I have scattered thoughts, sorry for saying nonsense things. I also feel this problem is nonsense. I think tomorrow is a Saturday, not a Friday, I hate going to school with so much burden. I must be happy right? Ok so I’m not really sane right now. I just want to write down my scattered thoughts. Haaaay( (this word is getting useful in times of need)

I have wasted too much on this. My life is not to be ruined.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New year 2008

I was thinking to write my year end review now, as I always do, but I just can’t. I’m too lazy to collect my thoughts and put it in one essay. Or I may not want to recall the bad memories at all or maybe I have noticed that the multiply crowd is getting bigger and I am shy or I find it too confidential to announce it in public. But if ever I will have the mood of writing, I will soon. For now, I have this survey from last year to be filled up again. I want to see how much I changed.

1. If you could give just one word for '07 what would it be?
~* dramatic

2. What are your favorite memories of '07?
~* trips, Taiwan, eating around, laughs, so many

3. From 1-10 how would you rate this year?
~* since I rated 2006 “6”, now I’m rating 2007 a “9”!

4. If you could change one thing about '06 what would it be?
~* HAY so hard to think since I have a lot of things in mind! But I want to keep things the way they are, I just have to move on.

5. If you could rewind back to one moment in 2007, what would it be?
~* Taiwan! I just miss it soo much now!

1. Did you make any new friends?
~* A LOT!!!!

2. Do you think any of your friends have changed?
~* yeah definitely, and I find it hard to handle the change

3. Do you still have the same friends you had in the beginning of the year?
~* yeah, but added a lot

4. Who would you say was your best friend overall this year?
~* um its kinda half rose ann for the 1st-6th month and nissi for the 7th-12th month

5. Who are your CLOSEST friends?
~* nissi and rose ann

1. Do you have any regrets for this year?
~* yes but I’ve learnt from it

2. Has a lot changed in your life?
~* definitely! One of the most unforgettable year ever!

3. Do you think you have changed?
~* yeah I guess

4. Do you have a New Year’s resolution? What is it?
~* I normally don’t, but now I want to make one. I want to be more carefree of the things and people around me, not to have too much attachment. I want to be more independent.

1. Have you had any heartbreaks this year?
~* yeah, because I just feel sad of leaving all my NFF in Taiwan that I cried, several times

2. Did you break any?
~* haha

IN 2006, HAVE YOU:
[ ] Kissed anyone
[x] Hugged anyone
[x] Been out of state
[x] Gone on vacation
[ ] Failed a class
[ ] Been camping
[ ]Ridden a roller coaster
[ ] Gone snow boarding
[ ] Played laser tag
[x] Been out of the country
[x] Laughed so hard it hurt
[ ] Had surgery
[ ] Been to a bonfire
[ ] Made smores
[ ] Went tanning
[x] Made a mistake
[x] Prank called anyone
[ ]Dyed your hair
[x] Chopped off a lot of your hair
[ ] Broken any bones
[ ] Been in a physical fight
[x] Played hide and seek
[x] Been to a funeral
[x] Said something to someone you wish you could take back
[> ] Been to the circus (almost!) HAHA
[x] Shot a gun
[ ] Passed out
[x] Played a sport
[x] Been to the hospital
[ ] Been panted
[x] Lost your voice
[x] Gone to the zoo
[x] Gone shopping
[x] Cooked your own food
[ ] played paintball
[ ] Gone mudding
[ ] Painted a room
[ ] Lost weight
[ ] Gone four wheeling
[x] Lost someone important to you
[x] Slept for over 12 hours


Exercise more?
~* will try? haha

Get a better job?
~* not yet there, better in school maybe

Go to school/college?
~* in college

Quit smoking?
~* NEVER smoked

Quit Drinking?
~* I don’t drink

Have any other resolution? Or No resolution?
~* as I’ve said earlier

Are you going to Get married?
~* Not yet

Have a baby?
~* neither

Buy a house?
~* a doll house?

Move out on your own?
~* no

Graduate from school?
~* not yet

See your child graduate
~* not yet

Any other major things going on?
~* hummm

And Lastly...
Do you have any hopes for 2008?
~* yeah

What are they?
~* this is an urgent wish, I hope my absence in the sportfest wont affect anything! I will be absent for 4 days, so giving me only one day to be I present in the attendance.

I hope I will for get the nightmares and I will enjoy my life in 2007.

I hope to meet new people

I hope to have a reunion with my HS friends in Christmas of 2008

I hope to get closer to my college classmates, cause we are not that much.

I hope to have another place to stroll, I getting tired of rob and sm

I hope to have a smooth life in my course, IM

I hope to meet good friends

I hope good healthy for everyone

I hope a lower gasoline price