Sunday, December 31, 2006

My dream!

Wa! I am so happy right now! I just got the mail! I passed Business Management!! Yeay! I just got to think about accounting grades after that!

I am dying to visit Africa! I want to see Table Mountain in Western Cape, South Africa. I want to see the famous silver leaf tree. Can anyone bring me there? I will surely enjoy Egypt in North Africa if given a chance. I want to visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt. I know it is difficult to go there but I am really interested with it. I am also planning to visit Australia but it is not number one in my list. The problem is, my uncle had already been to Australia and they are our travel companion every summer. He plans to visit Japan this summer, but if ever Japan pushes through, I won’t go with them. I’d rather go back to Hong Kong than Japan. I just don’t like Japanese, not that I hate them or something. I just don’t like their food and their fashion. I can’t wait till summer arrives!

Friday, December 29, 2006


I was having a hard time signing in. Well, I am currently so down. I am so scared with my grades in business management. I was so stupid not to check the counting of the teacher and I ended up failing our one and only quiz. Now, I have to face reality, because it is grade giving time and my mail (which is suppose to be our report card) has not arrived yet. That letter will gain me additional points but it is nowhere to be found. My classmates have already received theirs so I guess I am really failing. I still have a major problem to face. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ll try to give details it later.

I am so tired right now that I can fall asleep in a wink. I just came from our NEXT Christmas reunion and I am dying! But, it was fun! We prepared the props for the games since December 19 and we inflated the balloons from 2-5PM today. My fingers were swelling because I and Geneveive were knotting the balloons. We were preparing for the balloon war. We had other games that were not the classic party games. They were partially different. The party itself was entertaining but I was a little annoyed with the noise. The room was so small that all of our long-kept conversations were echoing. It was just frustrating to see some people not joining the crowd. They were not cooperating that much and it was hard to convince them to join. The picture-taking madness was also fun! Everyone was so vain that we smile in all cameras if a person attempts in taking pictures. The party was really loud. I would like to attend another reunion in the future but not as an organizer, but as an ordinary guest. :D

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas day

I have mixed emotions right now! Argh! It is Christmas day, yet I feel empty. I have so much in mind. I think of unnecessary things, which I hate. I just got home from the Tiok Lim Christmas party. It was so disgusting, so boring. Again, I saw my Chinese classmates form high school that I normally see on Chinese gatherings (i.e. temple festivals and Chinese celebrations). And i also saw almost all chinese community in Bacolod. I just feel sad. I don’t know why. I am so disappointed this Christmas maybe because I am thinking of having classes again and receiving our prelim examinations grades. I am so terrified. I am thinking of writing about the significant events of 2006, but I guess I am so disturbed that I cannot. Maybe if I really am in the mood to write then I will.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Christmas Eve

Yes, I talk back about a person. Who does not? Neither of us is perfect. The thing is, few of us accept and admit the truth. Am I right? This is actually not quite an issue, it just popped into my mind :D.

Yeah it is Christmas Eve, and I got a ‘timus timus’ or cellulitis as what it is properly called. But according to my readings, cellulitis sounds too severe so I prefer using the local term. The inflammation is not actually too huge, I didn’t even recognize it at first, but I’m not happy. Come to think of it, it is Christmas Eve and almost all drugstores are close. I have driven to five drugstores and they don’t have the medicine that I was looking for. What a Christmas! I am not enjoying Christmas! I am actually sad.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i found out something

I recently discovered that I am a deep thinker. I worry a lot. I don't find myself doing things that i don't plan carefully. I am not a risk taker. I do things which I think is right. I fight for what I think is right. I normally admit my mistake and take it as a lesson. I admit it because what good will happen if I deny things that is true to me? I know it becomes sarcastic if I think of other people’s error except mine, but I accept the truth that I also am not perfect. I also do what I hate about other people’s practices. I am sometimes a one sided person. I hate being that way but I can’t stop it. I am just open to say that I commit mistakes but it seems that I am mean. I just want people to also realize what they do, and not just what other people do.

I am very hard to please, hate to admit it, but it is true. I sound demanding and bossy at times but I just do what I think is right. I put my self in the right place and do what I should do. I normally alter to this character if I am given the responsibility, which usually happens. I just want to let people know my experience by putting themselves in my position. It is very hard to handle people that do not want to be handled. It is also difficult to ask someone’s help if he is not willing. It is complicated to fit in everyone’s tastes.

It is impossible to please everyone...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

high school

Yeah and I so miss my life back in high school, where I get to sleep in front of too many things to do cause they can be done in a 15 minute recess or a period in Chinese class. I miss the campus because I am familiar with almost everyone and everything. I am familiar with the cars at the lobby, I even know almost all of the drivers, I recognize the owners of the bags that wait with me at the lobby every afternoon, and I know almost all the security guards, the janitors and the personnel. I so miss my mostly-successful cram-studying that I usually do in our day to day quizzes, or simply the life that I really enjoy in high school. I miss the activities in Tay Tung, the contests, the Chinese new year celebration, the Mooncake festival and the loyalty week! I miss my stable classroom. I miss the people I see on a cycle. It is just not the same. My life now is so messy. I don’t like the reality that we have to change classrooms every subject that we take. I only enjoy Business Math class this semester. This is the only time I can reminisce my high school existence. I do the same thing.

my old blog is dull

This is my new blog. I just think my old blog is boring and I’m hoping that this one will not be. I am not good in blog-making. I just write if I want to but mostly if I have nothing to do. But now, I’m usually busy. My oh-so-random url is inspired by what I am chewing right now. I have a canister of rock candy that I bought from a friend that had a relative who came from the states. This candy is meaningful to me, as you can see, we eat this during Business Math and this caused my molar band to loose! It has 5 different colors with different tastes. Pinkish-red is cherry, yellow is banana, green is apple, orange is orange and brown is chocolate. I hate the banana! I gave it all to Denver cause he loves it! I have two eating companions during Business Math, Khriza the “ scholar” and Denver the “abnormal”. We usually eat HOT Nagaraya or Mr. Chips. We normally buy something to drink at the cafeteria before the teacher arrives. During ordinary days ( no quiz), we play Pusoy Dos or Tong-its in our desks. We sit at the back portion of the room so it seems that no one cares. We recite all the time and we enjoy the subject! See how exciting Business Math is?