Thursday, December 14, 2006

my old blog is dull

This is my new blog. I just think my old blog is boring and I’m hoping that this one will not be. I am not good in blog-making. I just write if I want to but mostly if I have nothing to do. But now, I’m usually busy. My oh-so-random url is inspired by what I am chewing right now. I have a canister of rock candy that I bought from a friend that had a relative who came from the states. This candy is meaningful to me, as you can see, we eat this during Business Math and this caused my molar band to loose! It has 5 different colors with different tastes. Pinkish-red is cherry, yellow is banana, green is apple, orange is orange and brown is chocolate. I hate the banana! I gave it all to Denver cause he loves it! I have two eating companions during Business Math, Khriza the “ scholar” and Denver the “abnormal”. We usually eat HOT Nagaraya or Mr. Chips. We normally buy something to drink at the cafeteria before the teacher arrives. During ordinary days ( no quiz), we play Pusoy Dos or Tong-its in our desks. We sit at the back portion of the room so it seems that no one cares. We recite all the time and we enjoy the subject! See how exciting Business Math is?


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