Thursday, December 14, 2006

high school

Yeah and I so miss my life back in high school, where I get to sleep in front of too many things to do cause they can be done in a 15 minute recess or a period in Chinese class. I miss the campus because I am familiar with almost everyone and everything. I am familiar with the cars at the lobby, I even know almost all of the drivers, I recognize the owners of the bags that wait with me at the lobby every afternoon, and I know almost all the security guards, the janitors and the personnel. I so miss my mostly-successful cram-studying that I usually do in our day to day quizzes, or simply the life that I really enjoy in high school. I miss the activities in Tay Tung, the contests, the Chinese new year celebration, the Mooncake festival and the loyalty week! I miss my stable classroom. I miss the people I see on a cycle. It is just not the same. My life now is so messy. I don’t like the reality that we have to change classrooms every subject that we take. I only enjoy Business Math class this semester. This is the only time I can reminisce my high school existence. I do the same thing.

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