Saturday, February 24, 2007

love for fireworks


Just got back from the city Plaza to celebrate Bacolaodiat! MYGOD! The fireworks were amazing! It was boring at first, but after an instance, napa “woah!” ako. I was thinking that it was not worth watching, but I was wrong! I definitely will appreciate fireworks from now on. I hate myself for not being able to watch last year because of MY responsibility it has always been a burden! But they say this year is way better than last year! Curse my batchmates for not giving me even just a glance at the spectacular show! At least they say that this year is better. But believe me it can’t compete internationally but, not bad. It is really different watching the fireworks display live. It is a bad thing that I wasn't able to time the show, but it is roughly 30mins. The fireworks was worth P200,000, and it was sponsored by SM. FYI, SM is gonna open its doors on Thursday, March 2, so it’s part of their advertisement.

OMG I know my entry is untidy, sorry. Ok I’ll explain it to you.

Last year, our batch had fundraising activities to pay our yearbook so the bacolaodiat festival was part of our target. We rented a booth and sold goods. As the treasurer, and as the only one RESPONSIBLE! Or let me say concerned, I was left in our booth when the fireworks started, as if I needed money from that activity! Ok, because of liability I managed to wait patiently and suffer from curiosity. Why do I have this conscience of not giving up from my work? I always suffered. I was very patient. I didn’t saw anything. I haven’t joined the parade. I was so not enjoying!

So, enough about last year, at least I witnessed the “better” fireworks display now! Bwahaha and we had this parade yesterday representing USLS. Yes, I’m now representing my Filsino club in college but the club is still consist of my high school friends, so basically I was still with the taytungains. I wanna watch fireworks display in Disneyland, they say they have a good show. I hope I can do that this summer. I was not able to blog yesterday because I was waiting fir our pictures from my friend’s cam. But until now I haven’t seen her online so maybe I’ll post more pictures from the parade soon. But now I’ll just share some of my pics and my fireworks picture.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I hate someone so much. I want to cry but I can’t cry. Crying often makes me feel at eased. I don’t know why I take things way too seriously. I know that these are just trials making me feel blue. I realized that pleasing someone I don’t really like is like fooling me to believe that I can surpass this person. It is so hard. I need to understand every side to decide what path to go into. I tried understanding. I even tried pretending. I made myself believe that nothing’s happening. I admit that I am mean. But I even tried not to just to fix this. I often find myself wondering what happened today and what improvements I have, but disappointment always prevails.

Oh well, my accounting grade is not yet out. I am so anxious about it. It greatly adds to my anxiety. Hay. Life, I often consider it easy but now I realized that it is the opposite. There are ups and downs as they say. But I was often facing the brighter side that I don’t know how to handle my problems today. I just wanna drag those eyeballs out of that stupid face! i hate you!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Yeap, and it’s a new year alright. The year of the golden pig, the celebration here in Bacolod haven’t started yet because City officials gave way to Iloilo to celebrate it first. We will celebrate Bacolaodiat next weekend. But hey, even Filipinos are celebrating with our traditions. We have this dragon dance that go around Bacolod’s business district. The dragons are considered good luck and are expected to enter the Chinese stores, then owners are likely to put money inside the dragon’s mouth. This has been a tradition. And there are a lot more ethnicity during Chinese New Year.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I was tagged by Steph about “15 simple but amazing facts about me”

Well, I don’t know if the facts will sound amazing, but I will try to amaze you as much as possible! I think of this as easy because I’ve been already posting bulleted facts before.

You were tagged!
Here’s the catch, the title is, 15 simple but amazing facts about me. All you have to do is to post random facts and make it as interesting as possible. The facts doesn’t have to be positive attitudes, this will just widen the knowledge of the readers about you. You have to tag 3 more people after this. Goodluck!

  1. I don’t study religiously.
  2. I act weird sometimes.
  3. I am dominant.
  4. I am pro-Marcos.
  5. I don’t consider my mobile phone as my life, I just consider it as a prop.
  6. I used to hate brown because of the Moby chococurls, but now, I love mixing it with pink.
  7. I am easily depressed.
  8. I use strawberry potpourri all the time.
  9. I often go to a meeting at least 30 minutes earlier.
  10. I hate the fact that the streets of Bacolod are getting crowded.
  11. I always ask the arcade personnel to extend our bumpcar ride.
  12. I almost burnt down a house.
  13. I have this aneurism of tearing leaves into pieces when I’m bored.
  14. I doodle a lot. Especially when the lesson is boring.
  15. I hate people that follow trends. *curse me*

I still have a long list of *random facts about me*. You can visit my friendster account.
I am tagging pam, tina, and katia.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I have a confession to make. I have this fun practice with my Accountancy classmates in playing Pusoy Dos, also known as Big2. We play the game more than we listen to our teachers. Most of the people that notice our games would say “daw casino classroom nyo bah”, your classroom is like a casino. We have an average of 3-4 decks of cards every time we play. We play during breaks, before class, after class, during class and before the teacher arrives. Yes, we play even when we have class, we laying during Religion, English, Math and even Accounting. It is like automatic already that we play pusoy when we have free time, or even if we are busy, we shift our stress by playing.

We use this game to lessen our anger, to calm down, to forget about something and to entertain ourselves. You are not a certified BABA student if you don’t know how to play pusoy dos. We often challenge Denver, and we jokingly discriminate him and his school by saying “ wa wala man na pulos product sang st john’s man, mga pirdi” the products of st john’s are useless because they are losers. But he never takes that seriously, he would wait for his turn and answer back when one of us form Tay Tung would lose and he would say “ you are losers, not me”. Well that’s it. I may think that I only enjoy schooling because of pusoy dos. I’m so bad.


Things that make me happy when I’m so down:


Strawberry float


Basketball at World of Fun

Bumpcar-ing! At WOF

playing ghost hunters?

Simply just playing arcade games

Play computer games

Pusoy Dos

Someone to cheer me up but will never remind me of my problems


At finally, the most important of all, an answer to my problem

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

yeah, the 14th

As I’ve said, I hate valentines. The only good thing about the 14th of February is that it is the birthday of Kris Aquino, whom I greatly adore. I’m right. It is the worst day in the year. We have EXAMS this week! I can’t study for my major subjects the next day. Considering I have a 79 in prelim. And, my accounting exam is at 730-930. *sighs* Well, enough. Hehe I remember my escapade with Jo-ann last vday. Boo. Yes, I miss my old pals, but I never will miss that day! I just look on the future, the brighter side, I guess. They will *again* be busy preparing for the final qualifying exam, and I will be soooo bored observing them. But I hope to enjoy my last term with my BABA classmates. And I am so damn excited for summer!

Enjoy your Valentines Day everyone!

*I won’t be updating tomorrow so better greet you now*


Monday, February 5, 2007


Yeah, I’ve been thinking lately about my life. I consider myself lucky. However, there are really times when I think of getting something I don’t have or being someone I’m not. It is all about contentment. I am somehow contented. And contentment also gives problems to a friendship. It is not dreadful to aim for something but we should be sure to do it properly. Contentment also comes with jealousy as it causes misunderstanding, most of the time.

Personally, having a bad relationship with my friends makes me feel awful. I know I can’t fulfill their needs neither can they fulfill mine. Sometime, we fight over the shallowest things but we just don’t know how to handle it and reconcile in the end. I admit that I am not good in fixing relationship as I end up yielding. It often makes me feel awful to have a conflict with others. I am pretty much affected with my surrounding and I often cannot focus on what I’m doing.

Well, back to my life. I have to face reality that there are really people who just befriend you just because they need something from you. At my back, I am just trash that can be recycled and be thrown away again. I’ve experienced enough to testify what I am saying right now. I think I am an entirely different person. I don’t use people to complete my needs since I think that I often complete the needs of others. I will not be counting the things I did for you if you just stay with me even if I have nothing to offer you or when I am simply down. I have undergone so many people who treat me like this. I feel betrayed because I know that I was honest to you when you were just using me in the first place. I also pity people who use others to compensate with their desires. I know a hand-full of them by the way. They are just like, blinded.

I don’t know if what others think of me, because in reality, we can never see the negative side of us. I am just trying to analyze what I hate most about other people so that I can imply it to my personality and avoid doing the same.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

hectic day

And so, our pre-qualifying exam for accountancy is over. It took us 4 hours to answer it. And mind you, I only answered about 3 out of 50 short problems. I didn’t answer our 3rd part exam which was the long problem, and I just made patterns in my 1st part exam. Oh well, enough for my mind-breaking experience. I won’t major in accountancy anyways.

I’ve been thinking for the past few days. I don’t like the hassle in accountancy. My classmates are topsy-turvy in reviewing for the qualifying exams that we should take and I on the other hand am just enjoying my life and fulfilling my wants. I’ve been playing basketball at World of Fun Arcade almost thrice a week. If only I can have my grades as high as my scores in basketball. :)

We watched Night at the Museum last Thursday and it was uber fun. I went out with Denver the “heartbroken”, Khriza the “scholar” still, and Herreal the “loud one” hehe. We enjoyed the afternoon, really, well maybe except for Denver because he had a fresh break-up the day before. *-*

I will be facing a lot of troubles this February! We will have our midterms the week after. There will be a Chinese New Year Celebration exactly the day of our final qualifying exam. And I am planning not to take the final quali since I will be shifting after all. We might have a parade on the 23rd for the Bacolaodiat this year. I’m kinda excited for some activities but I’m so nervous with some. Another qualifying exam for Management Accountancy is yet scheduled on the 1st week of March. *sigh*

Shout Out: Advance Happy Birthday Katrine!!! I’ll greet you again tomorrow :D