Friday, February 16, 2007


I was tagged by Steph about “15 simple but amazing facts about me”

Well, I don’t know if the facts will sound amazing, but I will try to amaze you as much as possible! I think of this as easy because I’ve been already posting bulleted facts before.

You were tagged!
Here’s the catch, the title is, 15 simple but amazing facts about me. All you have to do is to post random facts and make it as interesting as possible. The facts doesn’t have to be positive attitudes, this will just widen the knowledge of the readers about you. You have to tag 3 more people after this. Goodluck!

  1. I don’t study religiously.
  2. I act weird sometimes.
  3. I am dominant.
  4. I am pro-Marcos.
  5. I don’t consider my mobile phone as my life, I just consider it as a prop.
  6. I used to hate brown because of the Moby chococurls, but now, I love mixing it with pink.
  7. I am easily depressed.
  8. I use strawberry potpourri all the time.
  9. I often go to a meeting at least 30 minutes earlier.
  10. I hate the fact that the streets of Bacolod are getting crowded.
  11. I always ask the arcade personnel to extend our bumpcar ride.
  12. I almost burnt down a house.
  13. I have this aneurism of tearing leaves into pieces when I’m bored.
  14. I doodle a lot. Especially when the lesson is boring.
  15. I hate people that follow trends. *curse me*

I still have a long list of *random facts about me*. You can visit my friendster account.
I am tagging pam, tina, and katia.

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tina said...

nice to learn something bout you. :) hehe ill do the tag maybe later.. :P hehe