Saturday, February 3, 2007

hectic day

And so, our pre-qualifying exam for accountancy is over. It took us 4 hours to answer it. And mind you, I only answered about 3 out of 50 short problems. I didn’t answer our 3rd part exam which was the long problem, and I just made patterns in my 1st part exam. Oh well, enough for my mind-breaking experience. I won’t major in accountancy anyways.

I’ve been thinking for the past few days. I don’t like the hassle in accountancy. My classmates are topsy-turvy in reviewing for the qualifying exams that we should take and I on the other hand am just enjoying my life and fulfilling my wants. I’ve been playing basketball at World of Fun Arcade almost thrice a week. If only I can have my grades as high as my scores in basketball. :)

We watched Night at the Museum last Thursday and it was uber fun. I went out with Denver the “heartbroken”, Khriza the “scholar” still, and Herreal the “loud one” hehe. We enjoyed the afternoon, really, well maybe except for Denver because he had a fresh break-up the day before. *-*

I will be facing a lot of troubles this February! We will have our midterms the week after. There will be a Chinese New Year Celebration exactly the day of our final qualifying exam. And I am planning not to take the final quali since I will be shifting after all. We might have a parade on the 23rd for the Bacolaodiat this year. I’m kinda excited for some activities but I’m so nervous with some. Another qualifying exam for Management Accountancy is yet scheduled on the 1st week of March. *sigh*

Shout Out: Advance Happy Birthday Katrine!!! I’ll greet you again tomorrow :D

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tina said...

oh well. if you are not enthused by what you are studying. shift. hehe. :) May you have a lovely week ahead.