Sunday, December 16, 2007

what i have and what i want for christmas

What I am thankful for Christmas of 2007

  • My 512 hard disk is coming! Yehey!

  • An ODM spin watch, a gift from my achi. (I’ve been eyeing ODM since summer)
  • A Nike Merge
  • A vacation on Christmas break, but I don’t want Bohol! I hate the heat of the sun! But, that would be ok for now.
  • Having a 4 day week-end ;;)
  • A visit to Iloilo, haven’t been there since October! I miss Kevin!

Still my 2007 desires

  • A day in the spa
  • A trip to Korea
  • Longer Christmas break
  • A new Sony T200. I like the smile shutter function! I’m not satisfied with my T100 anymore ::(
  • Or a bigger tripod
  • A pink bean bag :)
  • A bigger closet
  • A trip to Manila, but I’m too busy
  • A get together with my high school classmates!

  • To meet Kris Aquino
  • To watch more movies, again, no time for that
  • A hilux (purple) or a strada (red) haha
  • A peaceful Christmas
  • Something memorable to end this year

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Straight ahead, instead of turning back

Whew no updates for a long time! I’ve been quite confused the last time I posted something. My life changed dramatically! I maybe wanted to settle things up before posting anything here. Well, the change that I’m saying is quite confidential and I cannot tell you the story maybe that’s why I wasn’t able to say anything. All I know now is that I am already happy, or sort of. I may not feel what I was experiencing before, but this is a change. I may not say that this is better; all I know is that this is something different. You may wonder what am I saying but I just can’t say it here. I have just moved on. I just felt how college life really means. It is sad. I sometimes still think of the past, I think of it that I was happier back then. But I also realized that sometimes I am happier now. I just haven’t adjusted a hundred percent, only eighty percent I guess.

Here are some of the changes that are not really of being in college, but jut changes in me. We speak English in class, most of the time, and it is getting contagious that everyone in the classroom follows it. I am now disorganized. I don’t plan. I don’t expect. I don’t think of what will happen next (although sometimes I still do). I don’t worry too much on things anymore. I’ve really learnt how to be a happy-go-lucky person. Life is short, and I’m regretting every minute that I’ve wasted.