Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is nursing the only course on the planet?

Ok so whenever someone will ask you, “What’s your course?” the question is always followed by “Nursing?” Why is it a must to go to other countries? Why not be rich in the Philippines instead? Hehe I know it’s a little harder, but be patriotic! Haha I have been asked by that question a million times! So that’s exaggerating, I am sorry. I really hate science, especially in high school, all those biology, chemistry and physics classes make me sick! It’s the last course I will take, mind you. I’d rather have a 2-year course.

I can’t figure out why everyone is into nursing. Even the financially capable people I know are in nursing. I know a handful of heirs that are in nursing or are nurses. What will happen to their businesses? Considering some of them are only child.

Even doctors would leave their profession and switch to nursing? What’s happening to the world today? I am currently happy with my computer related course. It can also bring me to places like, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong or Taiwan. But I’d rather stay here, or I might think about it… hehe

Sunday, March 9, 2008

ronald and my desktop

I am really really really sad. My hard drive crashed 2 days ago. I just can’t live without me desktop! I don’t like using the laptop. In fact, I can’t do my normal errands without my desktop. I can’t do my IM101 program without it. WHY?!?! Of all the things to be broken, why my HD? I want it back!

For the past 10 days, I’ve been hanging out at mcdonald’s lacson. I’ve been present everyday. My usual visit includes mcflurry or cappuccino at mccafe. I am really a mcdo lover ever since I can remember. This just proves my loyalty. I have known many people at Mcdo, including the staff, managers and customers (mcdo addicts like me) hahha… I have appreciated and hated some managers, but i still love mcdo!

I have a big problem for the coming weeks, I will be absent for 4 days. It will greatly affect my exemptions and worst, my grades. I don’t really mind being absent, but not before the exams! Hai I just can trade my studies for pleasure, so bad of me.