Sunday, March 9, 2008

ronald and my desktop

I am really really really sad. My hard drive crashed 2 days ago. I just can’t live without me desktop! I don’t like using the laptop. In fact, I can’t do my normal errands without my desktop. I can’t do my IM101 program without it. WHY?!?! Of all the things to be broken, why my HD? I want it back!

For the past 10 days, I’ve been hanging out at mcdonald’s lacson. I’ve been present everyday. My usual visit includes mcflurry or cappuccino at mccafe. I am really a mcdo lover ever since I can remember. This just proves my loyalty. I have known many people at Mcdo, including the staff, managers and customers (mcdo addicts like me) hahha… I have appreciated and hated some managers, but i still love mcdo!

I have a big problem for the coming weeks, I will be absent for 4 days. It will greatly affect my exemptions and worst, my grades. I don’t really mind being absent, but not before the exams! Hai I just can trade my studies for pleasure, so bad of me.

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