Wednesday, August 27, 2008


CAS trip
Acquaintance Party for ALL College of Arts & Sciences...
typed by: April

August 30, 2008

@ Soleo Beach, San Enrique, Neg. Occ.


Oil Wrestling

- Four (4) representative per Club (M/F)

- ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH: Last Man Standing

- Main Objective: to push the opponent out of the given space.

Skim Board Design Competition

- 3 reps (for the design) per club and 1 male/female representative for the Skim Board modeling.

- ONLY PAINT material is allowed to be used in the competition.

- glitters/ brush/ paint - club will provide (Theme: about CAS TRIP)


Relevance to the theme: 25%

Originality/Peculiarity 25%

Over-all-impact of Artistry 25%



Over all 100%

Scavenger Hunt (CASamazing Race)

- 3 reps + club pres

- each team will face obstacles before they claim the ff. items:

*rock, feather, wood, shell & flag

- the first team to complete all the tasks given and be able to raise their club flag wins the game.


- 1rep per club (preferably gay)

- main objective is to shoot the coconut in their club designated rings

- highest pointer within the alloted time (5min) given wins the game.


- open to all sCAvengerS

- Found treasure = prize


- by the beach

- 5 to 8 representatives per Club

Pending Activity: Beach Soccer....

for those interested, please inform me, April T. or Carmela ASAP. Tickets will available at P80 (transportation and entrance, so please bring your own food)
deadline is until Friday morning only. Please spread the word. According to them, those who will not attend will have a consequence (community work) and your clearance will not be signed...

Monday, August 11, 2008

to whom it may concern again!

To those of you who grabbed my pictures and posted it on your own site, i just want you to know that it is not the best thing to do. It is completely okay with me to share as long as you inform me. I will be glad to spread my photos to you people. But what you are doing is awful. Just a mere comment or private message here would be appreciated. Don't ever deny what u did did because i recognize my shots 100%. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

there are people who asked permission and thank you for doing the right thing to do.

Friday, August 8, 2008

another boring blog u won't care to read *-^

888, said to be the luckiest day in our lifetime. Nothing happened special today. It’s been a while since I last updated. hmmm I think I don’t get the enthusiasm in blogging after a series of unfortunate events. I’ve been struggling to balance everything to put them into their proper places. Stuffs like, project makings, leisure, IM104, leisure, McDo, leisure, CLAW, leisure, finance… see? I prioritize leisure more than anything else. Of course, leisure and Mcdo won’t be out of the picture. That’s where I get my strength.

Prelim- it was fine, but not enough for me to be the happiest person on the planet. My grades were unsatisfactory in my judgment, a lot of disappointments. I think I need to get over being so paranoid with my grades, but I just can’t. I sometimes loose my sanity. Considering I won’t be able to get laudes anyways, I might as well live the “happy college life” as what many people may call it. Have you ever experienced being on top and afraid to fall again? Being on top gives no room for improvements. I mean the highest level, not just high, like a perfect score for example. And yeah, I degraded.

Life has been rough these past few days. I haven’t been completely okay. Although I don’t have any major problem, I just suffer.

I am very environmentally and economically aware these past few days. I can just feel the effects of ruthless human activities. I felt the earthquake 2:30AM here in Bacolod. And the unstoppable typhoons making our country a meeting place! I got scared and thought about the end of the world is near. Sue me but that is what I think! Now, the inflation rate, I am so struck by the oil prices! It is so damn high! Need I elaborate that? Everything got high. A thousand peso won’t even fit a week’s allowance for a regular student, unless you are the stingy type who would eat Hansel or cream O for lunch haha

currently watching Beijing Olympics opening on the TV