Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yeah, I’ve returned two days ago, but busy doing stuffs so didn’t update my blog. I’ve been to Jacklyn’s debut last night. Well, that’s all I can share cause I don’t have anything good to say except for being busy the whole time, figuring out what to pack for our trip. Another thing that keeps me busy is our flight schedule and lounging dilemma. Here are some pictures of Jacklyn’s party. Visit my multiply for a lot more.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I'll be away for four days since I'll be going to Iloilo. I'll surprise my cousin Kevin because it is his birthday tomorrow. It's also part of my plan to visit Iloilo before the summer ends. So, no update from me for the next days folks! I just want to inform you that I'm so confused with my accounts in blogger and in multiply because my posts in blogger synchronize with my multiply's blog. I only use my multiply account for photos because I want to make sure that if ever my computer crashes, at least i have some photos kept in an online site. I consider my blogger account as my main diary and if ever you read posts from multiply, please ignore it, or just continue reading if you like to. Comments are greatly appreciated. :D bye.

Friday, April 20, 2007

she sucks

I have a lot of time now, but I guess I have nothing to say much. I’ve decided not to take up hospitality management and take up information management instead. IM is one of my choices ever since. I just thought about what I want to take last night and it made me feel so pressured and stuck. I really haven’t seen the subjects to take up so I decided to inquire. It just popped in my mind late last night. I thought this is my last chance since I’ll be leaving on Monday. I thought about double-majoring so I asked about how long it will take me to finish HM and IM. The IM dean told me that it will take me about five years so I was not happy about it. I approached another CBA faculty and asked for the course descriptions and requirements of all CBA courses. I found out that HM is practically more of catering, food science and stuff, I wasn’t too interested with that. I read the IM subjects and I got interested with web design and computer graphics & multimedia. So I hurriedly processed my requirements and suffered from extreme heat. Finally, I passed my application and went home. With my current status, I hate someone VERY much that my blood boils every time I think of that person.

Monday, April 16, 2007

new layout

Actually, it is not my plan to change my layout since I stil appreciate my old one. I am not the type who change layout so often. In fact, I hardly change. WIth the fact that I am not good in html and stuff. I made it up last night while talking to someone over the phone. I don't know. It was just my instict to do that. :P

Saturday, April 14, 2007

it caught fire

My typical summer day, it has been always like this. I would normally spend a week or two out of the country then after that, I would spend the rest of summer helping out in our electrical company. I started manning our store this week, just got back, Monday. It has always been boring. Good thing we have internet connections so I can spend some time online while suffering from the intensive heat of summer. I answer the phone or act as a cashier. It is an easy job, but boring. I still do it because I don’t have anything good to do at home.

Well today is a normal day for us. I ate out during lunch and shop for an hour or so. Got home tired and feeling dirty of dust and smoke. I am in the mood for sorting out my bags. I have this coat hanger where I hang my bags instead. And it’s so full nowadays that it’s beginning to lean. It’s my leaning-bag-hanger. I finally cleaned up some unwanted bags. I placed all my clutch bags in a plastic and hanged it in another place. I was trying to figure out what to do next when my mom entered my room. She said she was going to our electrical shop because there was fire in a building across the street. I said ok, and shouted that I also wanted to go. I was already wearing my pajamas so I hurriedly put on working clothes and ran to the car. When we reached the area, it wasn’t a big fire. It was already put down by the firemen. We were talking to other familiar people about the happening and they said it was from an internet shop across the street. Good thing it did not spread to the next store, where there are gallons of paint. It might have been worst.

Here is the picture of my hanger




Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Holy Week

Just got back from Macau, Kowloon and Hong Kong yesterday, so I was so tired to blog. And I was busy chatting the whole night. Missed being online so much. Well, the vacation was a 7 day tour. It was fun! The weather was great, having a 10-18°c. I was with my relatives. We were 21 all in all. It was fun because we were a lot. The only thing that irritates me is the Ocean Park tour. It was so crowded that I didn’t have any ride except for the cable car. The cable car had about a kilometer of queue. But the queue was moving fast so it was about a 45minutes waiting time. But the other required 1-2 hrs of waiting! I was frustrated queuing the whole time. Macau is so-so. The food wasn’t so great but the Casinos were nice. I didn’t get the chance to enter one though, because I’m still a minor. But I had some pictures taken outside the casinos. Disneyland is better. It had a no-queue to 60 mins-waiting-time queue. The fireworks was great because of the music. But it wasn’t far different from our Bacolaudiat fireworks. I love shopping in Mongkok! The nightmarkets were awesome.I saw Gerald Anderson strolling around the electronic shops in tsim sha tsui, Kowloon. I had my picture with him :D. Well, maybe looking at my pictures will tell you more. Visit my multiply site will be better.