Friday, April 20, 2007

she sucks

I have a lot of time now, but I guess I have nothing to say much. I’ve decided not to take up hospitality management and take up information management instead. IM is one of my choices ever since. I just thought about what I want to take last night and it made me feel so pressured and stuck. I really haven’t seen the subjects to take up so I decided to inquire. It just popped in my mind late last night. I thought this is my last chance since I’ll be leaving on Monday. I thought about double-majoring so I asked about how long it will take me to finish HM and IM. The IM dean told me that it will take me about five years so I was not happy about it. I approached another CBA faculty and asked for the course descriptions and requirements of all CBA courses. I found out that HM is practically more of catering, food science and stuff, I wasn’t too interested with that. I read the IM subjects and I got interested with web design and computer graphics & multimedia. So I hurriedly processed my requirements and suffered from extreme heat. Finally, I passed my application and went home. With my current status, I hate someone VERY much that my blood boils every time I think of that person.

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pam said...

woooooooah. gooodluck sa mga pagpiling gagawin. hehe. :D kaya mo yan. easy lang