Thursday, May 31, 2007

What I/we have done in Taiwan:

I am more comfortable in using bulleted posts than paragraph forms. It is more efficient for me. Maybe you have read some of these in my previous post, but in a different category and I think posing it in bulleted form will be clearer. Now, I tell you again about my Taiwan trip.

  • We played pusoydos until the wee hours of the morning.
  • We played pusoydos on the bus, using bottled-water boxes for our table.
  • We shopped at night markets.
  • We took pictures as if it’s our last day on earth.
  • We didn’t sleep regularly in the hotel instead, we sleep in the bus.
  • Converse is so IN.
  • We drank coffee plaza regularly.
  • We ate Doritos nacho cheese often.
  • We drank milktea often too.
  • I had Taro/yam craving.
  • I used my jacket to hide from the sun.
  • We did our own laudry, I mean it, we hand wash.
  • I adored every Schnauzer and Terrier dogs that passed by me.
  • I hardly used my cellphone. Texting is expensive. Only Jovert enjoyed using my phone because he sent mp3’s to his phone.
  • We searched for starbucks.
  • I got the craze of UFO catchers! Got some cute stuff from it.
  • I bought so many colored Hi-Tec “G-Tec”.

Here are some pictures ;)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

20 Things I’ve learnt in Taiwan:

I’ve been there for three weeks so I’ve been used to leaving in that way. I’ve been on the 6 weeks tour 2 years ago, so they’re the same banana. Hehe. Got that line from my accounting teacher. Well, let me rephrase my title, “things I’ve mastered in Taiwan” because I’ve already learnt this years ago.

  1. I’ve learnt to eat almost everything using nothing but chopsticks.
  2. I’ve learnt how to do my own laundry.
  3. I’ve learnt how to depend on maps.
  4. I’ve learnt to depend on mrt for my transportation needs. (Although I’m already good in riding mrt 2 years ago, I still got confused when Kelvin asked me to transfer in a wrong stop going to jiantan. Haha. So we waited for another 5 minutes. I wasn’t on my mind that time because I was thinking of buying 3 watches that was worth 3knt each.)
  5. I’ve learnt how to value time. Time is gold.
  6. I’ve learnt how to cherish every moment that is given to me. ( I actually realized this on the end part of my trip)
  7. I’ve learnt how to think of others, on another perspective and not just on my side.
  8. I’ve learnt that having white skin means sacrificing the tour. (Not going with the tour means no exposing myself to the scorching heat of the sun.)
  9. I’ve learnt that coffee has not effect on me. ( I drank coffeeplaza about 3-4 times a day)
  10. I’ve learnt that Doritos Nacho cheese is the food of Spiderman.
  11. I’ve learnt that having long bus ride is good; it can help me catch some sleep.
  12. I’ve learnt that bottled water boxes can be used as tables for pusoy dos games.
  13. I’ve learnt that people get paranoid when many people will be using a common bathroom, so they do it in advance. Some would take a bath at night, some would wake up as early as 4, like us, to beat the crowd. Try to relax, bet, maybe the bathroom will be empty at 7am.
  14. Be careful with money management. Make sure you have money all through out the weekend. It is very hard if you run out of money in a foreign country, on a weekend.
  15. I’ve learnt to be careful with bedbugs. Make sure your bed is safe of insects before sleeping.
  16. I’ve learnt that taxi flagdowns vary in every place in Taiwan.
  17. I’ve learnt not to rush in buying things. There are more stalls through out the night market. Try to canvas prices, but it will normally take time.
  18. I’ve learnt how to bargain using my ID and saying “我是學生”.
  19. I’ve learnt how to bargain using quantity.
  20. I’ve learnt how to control my shopping urge. I actually bought fewer now, than two years back.

I’ll try to post more soon. If I remember saying more.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Taiwan Trip

Well I made a summary cause i don't know exactly how to tell you guys what i feel. But if ever something pops out of my mind, i will just tell you again.

Wooo. No updates for 3 weeks. I don’t know how to start this, but I’ll try to tell you everything I can. It started last May 1. We had this orientation in Liberty Hall, Binondo where we met some of our groupmates. We never expected that the orientation will cause us the whole day, because we planned to go to 168 in the afternoon. So it was all messed up. I even ate at jollibee because there was no McDonalds near our hotel. May 2 was a free day. We initially planned to watch spiderman and go ice-skating at MOA as well. But, we really wanted to visit 168 so we decided to shop there the whole morning and continue to MOA in the afternoon. We had a hard time finding a taxi that would bring us to MOA. We finally ended up having a contract with one taxi. The spiderman movie was cancelled because we didn’t have enough time. We went ice skating for an hour and went home. The next day was the start of our Taiwan tour. Our flight was with China Airlines. When we reached Taiwan, I was excited about everything. I wanted to visit the places that I’ve been to two years ago. Our room assignments were given and we had to fix something. The tour went good. I never kept track of the things we’ve done. I already forgot the things in detailed. All I know is that we had a blast.

We painted lanterns and kites. We made doraemon using clays. But, my doraemon was lost so I don’t have it now. We made grasshoppers using leaves. We made dumplings. We made paper with our own hand print in it. We made paper fans. We rode a two-seater bike. We flew our kites. We visited schools. We played pusoy every night. We went to nightmarkets almost every night. We went to a theme park. We saw the queen’s head. We went to hot springs. We went to Taipei 101, which they claimed to be the tallest building in the world. We had our puppet presentation. We visited museums. We went to sun Moon Lake again. We played Chinese Yoyo. I bought a lot of colored Hi-tec’s…

Then, the worst day came 22nd, our last day. We had this farewell night and I was crying already. My eyes were swelling. We planned not to sleep at all until the 23rd. But when katrine and I got back from the shower, everyone was no where to be found, so we just slept at 5am, woke up at 7am. At 11am, we already need to transfer to the airport. I was not in my normal self that day. I was so lonely. We got into the bus and our yearbooks were distributed. I was not really thinking of anything else, but going home and leaving these folks. I was really sad. I think I was not yet prepared by the fact that this is just a 3 weeks trip. It should end. I was just not prepared that everything ended so fast. Unlike my other farewells, which I thought over several time before the real day.

When we arrived at the airport, I cried again. I was sitting near Jovert and Kelvin in the plane. I was so lonely because they’ve been close to me. Jovert was joking the whole time but it made me even lonelier. Again, I cried several times. He asked us if we wanted to meet up later on, I said yes, but it is difficult for us to meet because of transportation. We planned several times. I was still in tears. I was very affected of the departure because I know that it will be difficult for us, “taga-province” to be with them again. For them maybe it will just be easy, its just a text and a car ride away. For me, it is like goodbye forever. So I was very emotional the whole time. I cried the whole trip. We played pusoy for the last time. The airport moment was very fast. I haven’t even say my goodbye’s to my other friends. Well, if ever anyone of you is reading this, nice meeting you all.

I met a lot of great people that I know I will treasure forever. Thank you for making this trip memorable. You know who you are…

…. And a lot had happened. Don’t want to think of it anymore. It will just make me burst in tears again…

Visit my multiply for more pictures.

Friday, May 4, 2007


I actually have the time to blog! Wahaha, so happy...
Well, being online here is very difficult. So I'm very happy to be here. I'm currently in Taiwan and 'll be back on 2the 4th. :p But I'll try to have time soon. Special thanks to Sabrina for her laptop! wehehe