Saturday, February 14, 2009

My point of view of the day which people fondly call Valentines Day

It’s my gloomiest valentines day. It’s not that I used to have fairytale valentine, but believe me, I loathed Valentines Day since high school, or even grade school, primarily because I didn’t liked the feeling of being teased when someone gives you something. It’s just so unusually erroneous for me. I don’t normally greet people “happy valentines” unless they greet me first or I’m not in my usual self, call me KILLJOY but that’s how it is in my point of view. To get rid of unnecessary thoughts that linger in my mind now, the fact that my car was bumped near SM made my day even worst. It seems like the Friday-the-thirteenth took effect on a Saturday-the- fourteenth. I spilled something on my shirt during dinner at Sugarland. I again spilled a few drops of Java Chip from Starbucks. I had my toenail collide with something, which hurts so bad. I .In fact, we had a scheduled practice for our Gensci2 play and apparently, Nissi’s car stopped in the middle of the road because of malfunction, which made her ride motorcycle coming and made her late. Sorry for using you as an example Nis, but I’m just pointing out how ill-fated this day is. Let’s call it, series of unfortunate events.

And, oh yeah! I miss blogging.

How I hated valentines more!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!

This is the season with many activities all around. I had spent my Christmas away from home so I didn’t really have an easy communication method. Thanks to all who greeted! I wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I usually end my year with a survey which I update annually, but this year I won’t. I find it lifeless.

I am not so socially active these past months. I hadn’t really spoken much about my life lately. I pointed out some reasons before and I will mention it again now:

1. lack of privacy here in multiply, its getting crowded

2. I am busy

3. lack of interest in blogging

I would like to summarize my thoughts for 2008

The world financial crisis is really what is stuck in my mind. Yes, I am affected. I have read some articles about it and billionaires all over the world lost its status. I wonder where their billions are right now! Haha!

So the global warming still hurts me, you see, it is not very common in places with winter season to have snowfall anymore. Polar bears and penguins are the cutest!

I hate my 107 major! And I just realized that IM people are carefree people, except when it’s near exams because it means deadlines. But on an average class hour, we are as free as a bird!

The pre-twilight craze never got into me until the day I watched the movie itself. It was then that I realize how hooked I was. I read twilight and newmoon already! I am not a reader, mind you! Now I’m reading Midnight Sun!

Life is unpredictable. Period.