Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I have changed

Back in High School, I was very responsible. I was very workaholic. I would be doing things that weren’t mine. During events, I was always the first one to arrive, and the last one to leave, especially during fund raising and batch events. I was always excited with everything. I work overtime. I enjoyed. Now, I’ve changed, very much. I think I started my college days as a responsible student but my club, which is greenBees, molded me to be irresponsible.

During the early part of my service, I still had the interest. I still looked forward to our meetings. But as time passed by, I’ve hated it so much. I hate waiting for tardy people. I hate being dictated especially when I think it is injustice. I hate the feeling that I was doing more job than the rest. I find it not good. But, I still attended meetings. I was rarely absent. And everything just wasn’t good until it reached to the point that I told the other officers, I’d quit. I’ve hated it so much.

Now, I’m used to being absent and just having the attendance checked then I go home. I learnt how to enjoy life. Its not that I didn’t enjoy my work in high school, in fact I loved being busy. I love the people that I was working with. I just miss my old classmates. I’m now the typical pasaway student that you’d encounter in college. I hate checking of attendance. What’s to enjoy in school if I don’t like the people I see there often? In fact I have a meeting in Filchinoy now, and I’m absent again. I just don’t want to be there and considering that there are more than a hundred members and only about 10 attend the meeting. And take note, the only students attending are from Tay Tung, my old batchmates, same old people. I find it unfair so I also don’t attend, simple.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


It’s University Days and Kelvin was scheduled to visit Bacolod from Sept 12-15. We were busy with the Filchinoy kiosk and we made a lot of takas from our checking of attendance in our respective subjects. I had a Business Statistics exam 8am on the 12th and he arrived at 1055. Good thing I finished 2 exams in an hour. I was off to set-up the kiosk from 9-1030 then went home to fix my things. I was in the airport at 1045 and the plane had already landed. I expected the PAL flight to be delayed, as always, but it wasn’t. Then Karen and Katrine came later because they had their church service in the morning. After fetching him, we ate lunch at Bob’s Jr. We stayed at the kiosk for a while then checked in at Palmas del mar and played bowling in the afternoon. It was so fun cause it was my first time to play bowling. It’s also Katrine’s first. We ate dinner at chicken house. We actually had a lot of arguments as to where we would eat, because Karen had a different taste than mine.

I can’t be specific with what happened on the other days so I’ll say it randomly. We played bowling for the second time. We ATE a LOT! He always looked forward to where we’ll be eating next! Takaw! Haha! Peace! We tried Mang Inasal( as requested by Karen), Bigby’s, Chicken Deli, Bob’s Café, Pepe’s, Hong Kong Kitchen and McDonalds. I asked him to rate the chicken inasal that he tasted and he chose Chicken House as the best, Mang Inasal is second and Chicken Deli as third. He transferred to Luxur Place because Palmas del mar is a bit far from my house. We loved watching movies! We had Underdog for Thursday, 1408 for Friday and Sinking of Japan today. We had fun during his last hour in Bacolod. After checking in his luggage, we waited for Karen and Katrine in Metro Robinson, or whatever the name is, then we drank hot chocolate cause its Chocolate festival and hot choco was only 10php! Karen was not contented, she even had icy choco. We ate donuts and had a lot of pictures! Then the plan was not to remind him of the time, so he would forget about his 415 flight. So mean! We even pretended that we needed to use the toilet just to waste time! Haha We had our pictures taken inside the male’s cr! Karen even kept his cellphone just before he was entering the departure area. But all that stopping didn’t work! He still wasn’t late! Hehe. I had a lot of fun! Really!

Pictures are posted in my multiply site.


Monday, September 3, 2007


I am very paranoid with grades but I don’t care about studying. I don’t study much during exams but I tend to expect a lot with the results. It is my weakness. I guess I’m not used to be a bookish or a geek. I believe that examination tests what you’ve learnt, not what you’ve just memorized. I hate memorizing. When my expectations fail, I become really depressed, like what’s happening now. I think I have so many problems to think about that worrying about them made my head ache. I worry a lot about my grades. Being in the deans’ list again puts so much pressure on me. Even though I shouldn’t care much about my grades because I already got 83 in Acctg2, taking away the possibility for me to be a cum laude, I still agonize too much.

I realized that doing good at present will pressure me to do better in the future. And if I fail with that expectation, I get miserable. I spent 1 hour earlier just to forget about my Accounting problem. I am not failing, but I just can’t accept that I might end up having a line of 8 grade. Grades aren’t out yet. Meanwhile, my Economics is doing great. I fear that I might expect more on the endterms. To tell you honestly, I got overconfident with my prelim grades because everything turned out so well. Except for my Religion subject which was understandable. Now, I feel that I won’t get much success as what I’ve got for prelim.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

parental control

I’ve read YES! Magazine a while ago and I want to quote Cristalle, the 24 year old daughter of Vicki Belo. She said, “My mom never deprived me of anything material, or even her permission for me to do anything. You’ll learn not to take advantage of that because she gives it to you with total trust. Ever since we were small, and then even in hs, ‘Mom, can I go out?’ Diba, ‘yong ibang parents: “no, hindi pwede!’ ang daming rules. So, ano ginagawa ng mga bata? Tumatakas, nagiging pregnant, you know… ‘yong mga gano’n. With me, my mom goes, ‘Go out, go out, magsasawa ka rin!’

I am also like that. I can do what I want. I can go out anytime I want. But I don’t do night outs so they trust me for that. I mean, I can even go out anytime without asking permission because I don’t push the limits. I know very well that I must not come home late because it is the proper thing, so I don’t. I have the freedom so I don’t need consent unlike most of my friends. I consider it as an advantage so I take care of that trust. The more parents’ say no, the more teens will do it.

As for my title, I've been watching Parental Control in ETC and its entertaining.

taro passion

I looooooove taro flavor! Anything goes well with taro. It ranges from taro ice cream, taro milk tea, taro ice, taro pudding, and taro jelly ace! I first developed my passion with Quickly’s taro ice. I would drink it 3 times a day when I was in Manila since Quickly was only available in Manila that time. Then at last! It opened here in Bacolod. But because people were not fond of it, and they don’t appreciate its uniqueness, it closed after some time.

I went to Taiwan during my 6 weeks study tour and they had Quickly everywhere. The problem was, we didn’t know what’s Taro in Chinese until finally we knew its 芋頭 in Chinese. So I was again, enjoying my milk tea often. Back to the Philippines and I missed milk tea very much.

About a year after, we went to Malaysia, and to my surprise, I was surrounded by taro again! This time, with a different name, Yam. They had ice creams! We would eat yam ice cream almost every after meal because our buffet would always include ice creams, chocolate fountain and a lot of cakes!

Until recently, I went to Taiwan again or my 3 weeks tour. I was enjoying every minute of it with the abundance of milk teas! I even ate yam ice cream in Formosan. Hay! Heaven!

Now, I miss Taro badly!