Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I have changed

Back in High School, I was very responsible. I was very workaholic. I would be doing things that weren’t mine. During events, I was always the first one to arrive, and the last one to leave, especially during fund raising and batch events. I was always excited with everything. I work overtime. I enjoyed. Now, I’ve changed, very much. I think I started my college days as a responsible student but my club, which is greenBees, molded me to be irresponsible.

During the early part of my service, I still had the interest. I still looked forward to our meetings. But as time passed by, I’ve hated it so much. I hate waiting for tardy people. I hate being dictated especially when I think it is injustice. I hate the feeling that I was doing more job than the rest. I find it not good. But, I still attended meetings. I was rarely absent. And everything just wasn’t good until it reached to the point that I told the other officers, I’d quit. I’ve hated it so much.

Now, I’m used to being absent and just having the attendance checked then I go home. I learnt how to enjoy life. Its not that I didn’t enjoy my work in high school, in fact I loved being busy. I love the people that I was working with. I just miss my old classmates. I’m now the typical pasaway student that you’d encounter in college. I hate checking of attendance. What’s to enjoy in school if I don’t like the people I see there often? In fact I have a meeting in Filchinoy now, and I’m absent again. I just don’t want to be there and considering that there are more than a hundred members and only about 10 attend the meeting. And take note, the only students attending are from Tay Tung, my old batchmates, same old people. I find it unfair so I also don’t attend, simple.

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