Thursday, October 4, 2007


Wohoo. Many things to blah about!

First, I got an iphone! Haha It is not my dream phone, nor did I want to get one. But it is a blessing, so I should accept it! Haha! It is not the greatest phone mind you! You can’t forward messages. You can’t take videos. The camera has no flash nor zoom. There is no usermanual! I had to download a PDF from the net. It is only 8gb! Not enough! And then comes the worst part, it has a auto-spellcheck so it corrects every word that is in shortcut, in Filipino or in dialect. I don’t know, maybe I just don’t know how to set those things, but I tried my best! I’ve searched for answers everywhere but no luck. But in overall, not bad. So if ever you’re planning to have an iphone and now you’re thinking twice after reading my entry, don’t believe me, maybe you’ll love it cause I’m just stating my opinion, go figure.

Second, I enjoy playing boxing in Nintendo Wii! Haha It is fun. I just considered that I can actually play the game without hurting myself!

Third, Friendster is cool! It now has Traditional Chinese!

Forth, I hate YahooMessenger! It implemented a limit with the status. It can only accommodate 40 characters! I hate it because I loved changing my status and placing my links before!

Fifth, I hate the fact that exam is coming again! Even though I only have to get about 3 exams for endterm, I just hate studying!


Katia said...

iphone. hmm not an apple fan here but hey, im happy for you. i love tennis on wii! LOL super enjoy ako.

Abigail said...

not an apple fan either hehe