Monday, September 3, 2007


I am very paranoid with grades but I don’t care about studying. I don’t study much during exams but I tend to expect a lot with the results. It is my weakness. I guess I’m not used to be a bookish or a geek. I believe that examination tests what you’ve learnt, not what you’ve just memorized. I hate memorizing. When my expectations fail, I become really depressed, like what’s happening now. I think I have so many problems to think about that worrying about them made my head ache. I worry a lot about my grades. Being in the deans’ list again puts so much pressure on me. Even though I shouldn’t care much about my grades because I already got 83 in Acctg2, taking away the possibility for me to be a cum laude, I still agonize too much.

I realized that doing good at present will pressure me to do better in the future. And if I fail with that expectation, I get miserable. I spent 1 hour earlier just to forget about my Accounting problem. I am not failing, but I just can’t accept that I might end up having a line of 8 grade. Grades aren’t out yet. Meanwhile, my Economics is doing great. I fear that I might expect more on the endterms. To tell you honestly, I got overconfident with my prelim grades because everything turned out so well. Except for my Religion subject which was understandable. Now, I feel that I won’t get much success as what I’ve got for prelim.


Katia said...

i hate studyin! i just take the exams and hope for the best =)

Abigail said...

hehe tamad dn ako sobra!

宝茹 said...

Hey, relax~~ :)

Enjoy the learning process and do not focus all your energy on grades. It will really you crazy.

ikay the dancer said...

hehe. tama naman mga realizations mo.. na it will pressure you talga kapag nagsimula ka sa matataas na grade. pero la naman masama dun. basta ang importante naeenjoy ang pag-aaral habang pumapasa. hehehe!