Sunday, September 2, 2007

parental control

I’ve read YES! Magazine a while ago and I want to quote Cristalle, the 24 year old daughter of Vicki Belo. She said, “My mom never deprived me of anything material, or even her permission for me to do anything. You’ll learn not to take advantage of that because she gives it to you with total trust. Ever since we were small, and then even in hs, ‘Mom, can I go out?’ Diba, ‘yong ibang parents: “no, hindi pwede!’ ang daming rules. So, ano ginagawa ng mga bata? Tumatakas, nagiging pregnant, you know… ‘yong mga gano’n. With me, my mom goes, ‘Go out, go out, magsasawa ka rin!’

I am also like that. I can do what I want. I can go out anytime I want. But I don’t do night outs so they trust me for that. I mean, I can even go out anytime without asking permission because I don’t push the limits. I know very well that I must not come home late because it is the proper thing, so I don’t. I have the freedom so I don’t need consent unlike most of my friends. I consider it as an advantage so I take care of that trust. The more parents’ say no, the more teens will do it.

As for my title, I've been watching Parental Control in ETC and its entertaining.