Saturday, April 14, 2007

it caught fire

My typical summer day, it has been always like this. I would normally spend a week or two out of the country then after that, I would spend the rest of summer helping out in our electrical company. I started manning our store this week, just got back, Monday. It has always been boring. Good thing we have internet connections so I can spend some time online while suffering from the intensive heat of summer. I answer the phone or act as a cashier. It is an easy job, but boring. I still do it because I don’t have anything good to do at home.

Well today is a normal day for us. I ate out during lunch and shop for an hour or so. Got home tired and feeling dirty of dust and smoke. I am in the mood for sorting out my bags. I have this coat hanger where I hang my bags instead. And it’s so full nowadays that it’s beginning to lean. It’s my leaning-bag-hanger. I finally cleaned up some unwanted bags. I placed all my clutch bags in a plastic and hanged it in another place. I was trying to figure out what to do next when my mom entered my room. She said she was going to our electrical shop because there was fire in a building across the street. I said ok, and shouted that I also wanted to go. I was already wearing my pajamas so I hurriedly put on working clothes and ran to the car. When we reached the area, it wasn’t a big fire. It was already put down by the firemen. We were talking to other familiar people about the happening and they said it was from an internet shop across the street. Good thing it did not spread to the next store, where there are gallons of paint. It might have been worst.

Here is the picture of my hanger





Katia said...

Definitely a lot better. Good job!

Abigail said...

tnx :D