Friday, February 15, 2008


Sometimes having a good life can really be scary. You don’t know how the future lies ahead. Life is never certain; it’s just like a rollercoaster ride. I’ve watch MMK which starred KC and I was really struck of what happened to her. Its good to have a rags to riches experience, where everything good lies ahead of you, but riches to rags is different. It’s like falling down from a building 50-storey building and you are not sure who will catch you, or if anyone ever will.

Being famous or rich can give you friends or may I say, plastic friends, but if ever you’ll loose everything, this “friends” will be strangers. You thought you can count on them before as much as they can count on you, but having nothing will eventually make them disappear little by little.

I was really touched by the story. I just can’t imagine the girl (KC) to be obliged to learn everything in a snap. It’s far easier to learn how to be pampered than to learn how to work. I’ve heard several situations like this in real life and it also worries me of how that person can move on, with all the spoiling he/she has been used to. It really bothers me and I really pity those people.

But as the story ended, life is not measured with money; it’s with happiness and being with your loved ones. And the title was Mansion so I also entitled my post by it.

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