Tuesday, February 5, 2008

java java java

Life now seems busy. Ok it’s not the typical IM student, but believe me, we are. Seminars are to be attended. Programs are to be compiled. I don’t have problem with that, I was used to being busy.

I’m currently obsessed with nail art. So fun! v is not my nail

I encountered 3 accidents on my way home today. All in one street, Lacson. Is it bad luck or what?

I’ve been entertained by fishes in lagoon lately. I’ve been a frequent visitor of the lagoon, can you believe it? Buying a 5php popcorn or a 20php fish food and feeding the tilapias in lagoon makes me happy in a way. It calms my stressful day.

And and bacolaodiat (Bacolod’s celecration of chinese new year), is on Thursday already. We will get to parade for lasalle.

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