Sunday, December 16, 2007

what i have and what i want for christmas

What I am thankful for Christmas of 2007

  • My 512 hard disk is coming! Yehey!

  • An ODM spin watch, a gift from my achi. (I’ve been eyeing ODM since summer)
  • A Nike Merge
  • A vacation on Christmas break, but I don’t want Bohol! I hate the heat of the sun! But, that would be ok for now.
  • Having a 4 day week-end ;;)
  • A visit to Iloilo, haven’t been there since October! I miss Kevin!

Still my 2007 desires

  • A day in the spa
  • A trip to Korea
  • Longer Christmas break
  • A new Sony T200. I like the smile shutter function! I’m not satisfied with my T100 anymore ::(
  • Or a bigger tripod
  • A pink bean bag :)
  • A bigger closet
  • A trip to Manila, but I’m too busy
  • A get together with my high school classmates!

  • To meet Kris Aquino
  • To watch more movies, again, no time for that
  • A hilux (purple) or a strada (red) haha
  • A peaceful Christmas
  • Something memorable to end this year

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