Saturday, January 5, 2008

New year 2008

I was thinking to write my year end review now, as I always do, but I just can’t. I’m too lazy to collect my thoughts and put it in one essay. Or I may not want to recall the bad memories at all or maybe I have noticed that the multiply crowd is getting bigger and I am shy or I find it too confidential to announce it in public. But if ever I will have the mood of writing, I will soon. For now, I have this survey from last year to be filled up again. I want to see how much I changed.

1. If you could give just one word for '07 what would it be?
~* dramatic

2. What are your favorite memories of '07?
~* trips, Taiwan, eating around, laughs, so many

3. From 1-10 how would you rate this year?
~* since I rated 2006 “6”, now I’m rating 2007 a “9”!

4. If you could change one thing about '06 what would it be?
~* HAY so hard to think since I have a lot of things in mind! But I want to keep things the way they are, I just have to move on.

5. If you could rewind back to one moment in 2007, what would it be?
~* Taiwan! I just miss it soo much now!

1. Did you make any new friends?
~* A LOT!!!!

2. Do you think any of your friends have changed?
~* yeah definitely, and I find it hard to handle the change

3. Do you still have the same friends you had in the beginning of the year?
~* yeah, but added a lot

4. Who would you say was your best friend overall this year?
~* um its kinda half rose ann for the 1st-6th month and nissi for the 7th-12th month

5. Who are your CLOSEST friends?
~* nissi and rose ann

1. Do you have any regrets for this year?
~* yes but I’ve learnt from it

2. Has a lot changed in your life?
~* definitely! One of the most unforgettable year ever!

3. Do you think you have changed?
~* yeah I guess

4. Do you have a New Year’s resolution? What is it?
~* I normally don’t, but now I want to make one. I want to be more carefree of the things and people around me, not to have too much attachment. I want to be more independent.

1. Have you had any heartbreaks this year?
~* yeah, because I just feel sad of leaving all my NFF in Taiwan that I cried, several times

2. Did you break any?
~* haha

IN 2006, HAVE YOU:
[ ] Kissed anyone
[x] Hugged anyone
[x] Been out of state
[x] Gone on vacation
[ ] Failed a class
[ ] Been camping
[ ]Ridden a roller coaster
[ ] Gone snow boarding
[ ] Played laser tag
[x] Been out of the country
[x] Laughed so hard it hurt
[ ] Had surgery
[ ] Been to a bonfire
[ ] Made smores
[ ] Went tanning
[x] Made a mistake
[x] Prank called anyone
[ ]Dyed your hair
[x] Chopped off a lot of your hair
[ ] Broken any bones
[ ] Been in a physical fight
[x] Played hide and seek
[x] Been to a funeral
[x] Said something to someone you wish you could take back
[> ] Been to the circus (almost!) HAHA
[x] Shot a gun
[ ] Passed out
[x] Played a sport
[x] Been to the hospital
[ ] Been panted
[x] Lost your voice
[x] Gone to the zoo
[x] Gone shopping
[x] Cooked your own food
[ ] played paintball
[ ] Gone mudding
[ ] Painted a room
[ ] Lost weight
[ ] Gone four wheeling
[x] Lost someone important to you
[x] Slept for over 12 hours


Exercise more?
~* will try? haha

Get a better job?
~* not yet there, better in school maybe

Go to school/college?
~* in college

Quit smoking?
~* NEVER smoked

Quit Drinking?
~* I don’t drink

Have any other resolution? Or No resolution?
~* as I’ve said earlier

Are you going to Get married?
~* Not yet

Have a baby?
~* neither

Buy a house?
~* a doll house?

Move out on your own?
~* no

Graduate from school?
~* not yet

See your child graduate
~* not yet

Any other major things going on?
~* hummm

And Lastly...
Do you have any hopes for 2008?
~* yeah

What are they?
~* this is an urgent wish, I hope my absence in the sportfest wont affect anything! I will be absent for 4 days, so giving me only one day to be I present in the attendance.

I hope I will for get the nightmares and I will enjoy my life in 2007.

I hope to meet new people

I hope to have a reunion with my HS friends in Christmas of 2008

I hope to get closer to my college classmates, cause we are not that much.

I hope to have another place to stroll, I getting tired of rob and sm

I hope to have a smooth life in my course, IM

I hope to meet good friends

I hope good healthy for everyone

I hope a lower gasoline price

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