Thursday, January 10, 2008

a random thought from me ^-^

I was so addicted to spring waltz for a few days that I chose it over malling, but it was just for a couple of days, then my life went back to normal. Phew! Another stressful week, it is my 1st week in school for 2008 and a lot of revelations happened. Some of my grades came out, but I’m not so affected with it, some are good, some are so-so. I want to watch a lot of movies! I already watch National treasure, SSS, and shake rattle and roll. SRR was so ugly! Hehe Nat’l treasure was good, but I still want to watch I am legend. I have mixed emotions right now, that includes hunger. I just want to enjoy life. I will be having a leave on the sportsfest so I won’t be here to “cheer” for college of business and accountancy. I am not sad at all, in fact I’m happy. I will update you soon.

OK so I’m in my secretive side again, those ^ were just something to distract my attention. I won’t say what happened, again, but I will tell you what I feel.

I feel so sad. I am not heart-broken, don’t get me wrong. I am just confused of my surroundings. Why am I in this situation? What did I do? I am not either on a cat fight. I have scattered thoughts, sorry for saying nonsense things. I also feel this problem is nonsense. I think tomorrow is a Saturday, not a Friday, I hate going to school with so much burden. I must be happy right? Ok so I’m not really sane right now. I just want to write down my scattered thoughts. Haaaay( (this word is getting useful in times of need)

I have wasted too much on this. My life is not to be ruined.

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