Thursday, January 17, 2008


Lately, I’ve been very busy and depressed about so many things, mostly schoolworks. I get very pressured on sportsfest, not that I’m into sports, but because I am leaving so I will have absences for about a week. I am trying my best to give patch up things by sponsoring something for the College of Business and Accountancy, as per requested by my professor, but there are some professors who can’t do away with that and they would really check. So I have some mischief, like sponsoring for another event so that our Mayor (class president) will check my attendance for the whole week, without being there at all. She requested me again, so why should I put her down? Talking about a future progressive Philippines, with this kind of citizens? I know it is wrong; I just can’t afford to miss so many points for a week. I will be leaving for a while with my family.

I have so many requirements lately. One is to interview a parish priest. It is for our Religion 4. So we ended up taking a video of our interviewee because we can’t catch up with his answers. We’re supposed to just take down notes, so now we justt have to type everything he said in the video.

While making it, I was too bored and too irritated that I went out of my room and I saw the ilang-ilang tree. It was blossoming so I took a flower and played with it while Nissi was typing our interview report. Look what I’ve done.

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