Tuesday, February 13, 2007

yeah, the 14th

As I’ve said, I hate valentines. The only good thing about the 14th of February is that it is the birthday of Kris Aquino, whom I greatly adore. I’m right. It is the worst day in the year. We have EXAMS this week! I can’t study for my major subjects the next day. Considering I have a 79 in prelim. And, my accounting exam is at 730-930. *sighs* Well, enough. Hehe I remember my escapade with Jo-ann last vday. Boo. Yes, I miss my old pals, but I never will miss that day! I just look on the future, the brighter side, I guess. They will *again* be busy preparing for the final qualifying exam, and I will be soooo bored observing them. But I hope to enjoy my last term with my BABA classmates. And I am so damn excited for summer!

Enjoy your Valentines Day everyone!

*I won’t be updating tomorrow so better greet you now*

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tina said...

Happy Heartss day!! Be blessde sa studies

pam said...