Thursday, February 15, 2007


I have a confession to make. I have this fun practice with my Accountancy classmates in playing Pusoy Dos, also known as Big2. We play the game more than we listen to our teachers. Most of the people that notice our games would say “daw casino classroom nyo bah”, your classroom is like a casino. We have an average of 3-4 decks of cards every time we play. We play during breaks, before class, after class, during class and before the teacher arrives. Yes, we play even when we have class, we laying during Religion, English, Math and even Accounting. It is like automatic already that we play pusoy when we have free time, or even if we are busy, we shift our stress by playing.

We use this game to lessen our anger, to calm down, to forget about something and to entertain ourselves. You are not a certified BABA student if you don’t know how to play pusoy dos. We often challenge Denver, and we jokingly discriminate him and his school by saying “ wa wala man na pulos product sang st john’s man, mga pirdi” the products of st john’s are useless because they are losers. But he never takes that seriously, he would wait for his turn and answer back when one of us form Tay Tung would lose and he would say “ you are losers, not me”. Well that’s it. I may think that I only enjoy schooling because of pusoy dos. I’m so bad.

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tina said...

Sounds like a fun game. Hehe. In our class we holler/joke around. Sooo noisy super. Specially if the 3 gay friends we have is around. We wont be getting anywhere with lectures. ehhe