Sunday, December 31, 2006

My dream!

Wa! I am so happy right now! I just got the mail! I passed Business Management!! Yeay! I just got to think about accounting grades after that!

I am dying to visit Africa! I want to see Table Mountain in Western Cape, South Africa. I want to see the famous silver leaf tree. Can anyone bring me there? I will surely enjoy Egypt in North Africa if given a chance. I want to visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt. I know it is difficult to go there but I am really interested with it. I am also planning to visit Australia but it is not number one in my list. The problem is, my uncle had already been to Australia and they are our travel companion every summer. He plans to visit Japan this summer, but if ever Japan pushes through, I won’t go with them. I’d rather go back to Hong Kong than Japan. I just don’t like Japanese, not that I hate them or something. I just don’t like their food and their fashion. I can’t wait till summer arrives!

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