Saturday, March 17, 2007

all about my car

Ok so I have a lot to tell but I don’t have enough time. Today isn’t really something to tell. I’d rather elaborate more about yesterday.

My emotional status is quite OK, thank God! We did not have our last period class so I was already free at 130pm. We decided to take a walk around the university and we stopped at my car. We decided to take a rest so Kristine and I jumped in the car while others were standing outside. We were hysterically talking about many things, primarily the clothes that they will wear for their PE presentation. I did not notice what was happening until Kristine asked me why the car was moving (while she was turning the steering wheel). I told her, “of course, because the wheels move”. I didn’t mind her because I was busy chatting but she still continued to do that. After a while, she pressed the horn and they were all shocked (including Kristine). The rest of them are in front of the car so they heard the loud noise directly. Kristine Ong was still playing with the steering wheel and I told her to stop, while jokingly say, “what if I can’t reach home”

I was getting bored so I decided to go home. As I arranged my things, I was surprise to find out that my steering wheel was locked. It is the car’s initiative to lock itself to prevent car-napping. I was getting worried and I don’t know how to fix it at all because the car won’t start, the keys won’t turn. Then Jean said that we might need help so she texted her friend to help us. When her friend, Mark came, he turned the keys and the car started. It was stiff to turn the keys so only a strong person can do that. So I was relieved and I started driving.

I was doing my routine driving, passing through the same streets I pass everyday, when I suddenly remembered to go to my family’s workplace. I decided to turn to this unfamiliar road going to the place’s direction, west, when I realized that the road was getting farther, farther than it should be. I was turning left and right when I realized that I don’t know where I’m heading. I was just feeling calm because after all I am still in Bacolod. I finally got to this familiar landmark and felt relief. I was still driving towards west when I realized that I was wrong, I was moving back to where I’ve been. Then I turned back again and decided to just go home.

Talking about almost 18 years of existence here in Bacolod, Sheeeesh.

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tina said...

Wow.. you have a car pala.