Tuesday, March 27, 2007

not enough time

I really don't have time to blog right now, but I'll just say a few words. I already got admitted to another course, HM. I am not actually anxious about it, but my screening schedule has conflict with my class schedule. So, I was nagging for four says because the faculty was always empty. I can't reschedule my screening today. Good thing we were dismissed early in business management, so I rushed to the HM faculty and I found many students waiting for their turn. Goodthing my family name starts with "C" so i was one of the earliest to be called. Well, the interview was easy. I was not nervous at all, compared to accountancy exams. So I'm kinda happy about it.

Then the hard part. My Math teacher said that my assignment is lost, so she gave me a ZERO! Is that fair?!?!?!?!? I am not the one responsible for it. I passed it! duh. So meaning, I can't be exempted from the exam. She's so unfair. She even exempted some people that have line of 8 in prelim! I had a 93 and a 94! It is just a homework, which comprises about 10% of the equivalent grade. And to think, it is not my fault that my paper got lost! :(

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