Monday, March 12, 2007


ARGH another stressful day. Got a test in accounting and again, I had no answer. I am so stressed that I cried after the quiz. I still am waiting for our midterm grade considering that we are about 2 weeks till endterm exam already. What a waste of time. I hate myself for not studying. I admit; I did not study. So I feel regret right now. I know I should’ve studied. It’s so hard for me to think about that happening.

Oh well, on the happier side we just had our surprise for jo-ann last Saturday. Waa. Our plan was not really a plan; it was not more of preparation. I am just used to preparations that I consider that event so candid. Well, it was hard to communicate with my high school friends but we still managed. We made everything almost on the spot. We ordered cake the day before. We were not sure where to surprise her. We were not sure how many will be there. We did not prepare enough food. When we reached the said venue, the subdivision club house, there was an event hat night so we can’t use the club house. We hurriedly decided to do it in her house without even asking the permission of her aunt. We said that we will start preparing the venue at 1pm but we arrived at 2, which is very unusual because I don’t get late. Well the surprise was not so surprising because we were confused when she arrived so we quickly light the candles and we even did not finish doing it because she was there in front of us when we realized that we took so long lighting the candle. The party poppers were even not synchronized. But at least she was shocked seeing us there.

Here are some pictures. See my multiply for more.


tina said...

such sweeet friends.... :) happy birthday to her/ :P

Katia said...

that's so sweet. ilove surprises unfortunately nobody had ever prepared one for me :(