Monday, November 12, 2007

pink cow vs blue-eared elephant

I had a previous post that featured my elephant-mouse-wrist-rest which was being killed by my friends right? So now I'm teeling you about my new pet. I bought a pink cow to replace my old wrist support! I just loved my old one but it can't extend its life and it might burst in the end! The elephant was from Singapore and has glow-in-the-dark figures inside. Its about a year and 6 months old. My new pet is painted white and pink. weird, but it really is. It doesn't say anything about the manufacturer so I suppose its from China. Here are their pictures.

the elephant

the cow


winky said...

ooh! first comment!^_^

so kyut pets!^_^
I wanted one wrist rest actually..
i saw one in the dept store and i just couldn't affort it yet.^_^

whoa...that elephant is uber cute!

Abigail said...

yeah sobrang nasanay na ko na may wrist rest everytime!