Monday, November 5, 2007

goodbye freetime :'(

I went to two parties last night!

Katrine, Jo-ann and I had our make up done at headship. We were running late! I went home and changed first so I was also the first one to arrive at the venue. I was waiting for them in my car when a guy tried to open my door! I was shocked! Good thing the door was locked! My heart was pumping! I was there for about 30 minutes when they finally came. Spent 2 hours in Justine’s Party when I finally decided to drop by Kristin’s party. So I did. And came there came peter, he was ready to go back to Business Inn because he promised her that he would catch up. I just spent about 5-10 minutes there. Then went back and decided to go to McDonalds, as what we usually do after a party, with all those make-up on! It just completes my day!

I feel so sad right now! I really do! It’s the last day of semestral break and I feel so incomplete. Although I did many things, I still feel lonely! I think I had enough vacation but still! I’m not looking forward to anything so I don’t know! I really want to cry! This is very sad.

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