Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2nd sem profs

As of now, I have amazing professors, contrary to last sem’s! I have Mr. Daquila in Marketing, the past teacher or the BABA which they say gives high grades with less effort! Then Mrs. And for Bmath3 and Math6! Yes, same teacher, and she gives additional points for answering her riddles! How cool is that? For Religion4, I have Mr. Tag-at again! I just love him in Religion1! I got 98 without sweat contrary to Mrs Hilado in Religion3 where I got 80 when in fact, I studied Religion the hardest! For Computer Application 2, I’m under Mr. Pahilanag again! As I’ve said in my previous post way back, he is a graduate in Tay Tung and I was under him for IT1. And the last, Dr. Lily Go, an alumna of Tay Tung again. My dad’s batchmate in Tay Tung. I don’t know how is she when it comes to giving of grades, but I’m hoping for the best!

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