Sunday, July 15, 2007


I have been busy these past few days, even up to now. It is already exam week! A lot had happen actually. My maternal grandfather died last July 3 then my cousin had her wedding on the 8th. She just had to pursue the wedding even with the situation. Everything had been planned months ago so it would be a drastic action if she will cancel it. And today is the burial. I have been going back and forth to Iloilo this month. My mother is from Iloilo so all the events are there. My grandfather was sick for quite some time already, about 80 days in the hospital. He his already 88, 92 in chinese. His death was already anticipated because of old age. But of course, we were hoping if he could be there in the wedding as well. We are a big family. We are about 50. And we are about to celebrate a grand birthday celebration for him on August. It has been a tradition for us to celebrate his birthday every year. My grandfather’s death was a day before Irene’s birthday. While his burial falls exactly at Karen’s debut. They are my cousins by the way.

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