Sunday, July 29, 2007


I became so sentimental today and I browsed through the pictures and videos from Taiwan. I almost burst in tears again. How sad is it to know that after two months, 67 days to be exact, of being back in the Philippines, we don’t have ym conference anymore. As if it was just a dream. Now we’re back to reality. I really don’t want this to happen, but what can I do? No matter how I want catch up with everyone, it seems impossible now. It is just so different being with those people everyday, spending the whole day with everyone as if that was the only thing left. My life revolved around eating, activities, tour, playing cards, sleeping so late, buying stuff (in short shopping), taking pictures, bus rides, having fun! I felt as if I had no problems to think about. I felt that I left everything in the Philippines and I was enjoying everything! Now it’s different. It is back to reality. I have to face it. It is sad.


Korina said...

awww...abi don't be sad...andyan lang kami for you :D although i must comment, wala na nga nagsisimula ng conferences...heheh

I'm Abigail said...

sobrang nakakasad nga

1month lang pala life ng conference natin :'(