Tuesday, July 31, 2007


8 random things you do not know about me

飞翔 tagged me about 8 random things. Some close friends already know these. And I already have listed my random facts about me in my friendster account so this will add to it.

1. I sleep early when I have so much to do and I stay up until 3am or so if I have nothing to do. Then the next day, I have a 730am class.

2. I drink lots of coffee during exam week, an average of 3 cups a day.

3. I used to hate accounting because it puts too much pressure on me when I was still majoring it. But now that I shifted to Information Management, I'm starting to love accounting because it is a minor subject and the lesson is easy.

4. I always have a hard time sorting out my bags in my bag hanger. It is very hard to choose which one should stay and which one should go.

5. I hate my red civic. I want a bigger one. A pick-up maybe. haha

6. I don't normally listen to class discussion. I just copy notes and review for a quiz at home. I don't understand the lesson if the test is not yet scheduled, and this always puts me at risk. I know it is bad. I am just too lazy to listen when I know that I can still catch up.

7. I really hate copycats! I can take backstabbers but copycats really boils me.

8. I am a mall person. The mall is my second home. haha or maybe it is my only home.

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Katia said...

answering this now :)

宝茹 said...

Haha, you're an opposite person! :P Yeah, the mall is your home!

PS. You hyper linked me wrongly.

littleheric1321 said...

hi abby!!!haha..same tyo sa #1...:D

I'm Abigail said...

haha true talaga sakin yan! haha