Tuesday, June 26, 2007

mixed week

I’m currently having an unbalanced week. Sometimes, I have too much time and got nothing to do. Often, I’ve got many things to do in so little time. My schedule is really crazy. We still have election and induction for GB and I feel bad about it. Having said that I’ll quit didn’t minimize my burden. I actually have the same load. I already said that I’ll quit being an officer last week and they persuaded me not to. Dadi Michael said that I don’t have to do many things for the preparation for the last activity. He is just asking me to be there, for the sake of the group. So I agreed. I will be a ghost member for the last week of our org.

FYI, this organization is called GreenBees Society, existing for the sake of Freshmen College of Business and Accountancy. Since I’m already a sophie, all we need to do is guide the “new” set of officers and leave, forever. But before that happens, we have to do so many things. But I say it sucks, making me wait 30min-1hr every time we meet. I partly regret being an officer in the org, who doesn’t? From the very first sessions, I already lost interest because of punctuality and attendance problem. I really wasn’t enjoying. It was on the latter part that I just decided to tolerate my suffering because the org will last for about a month or so.

But last week, I broke, I said I’d quit. And they said not to. So I am doing what they said. Just have my name on the list but I do not have to be there all the time. As a matter of fact, we have our election later and I won’t attend. It is my 1st time to be absent, with no valid excuse. I just WANT to be ABSENT. That’s all. I only have class until 1030 but we had a meeting at 12-130 so I waited. Then I don’t have a class afterwards so I don’t like to wait for another 3 hrs because the election will be at 430.. I am sick and tired! If you are concerned with what I am saying here, don’t judge me, because I am just saying my opinion and my feelings. You don’t have to criticize my opinion, ok? I am just so tired!

Well, last Saturday, I just figured that my cabinet was too crowded. So I decided to clean it up. Here! I took a picture of my effort. hehe

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Very nice arrangement!!!