Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have addiction to gaming nowadays. I play crazy kart with some friends and I super enjoy it! But recently, I received a link from nong rhix. It’s another minigame! It is sooooo cute! And very addicting! In fact, I slept 4AM last night(morning) just playing that hypnotizing game! I just can’t stop till I beat my highest score over and over again. Then I forgot who gave me the link but I remembered Athenna commented on it so she was still online, and I asked her. “Sino to gain nag give sang link sang BIRDS AND BELLS nga game?” Unconsciously, I called the rabbit, a bird! Hahaha yeah I was almost loosing my sanity! Their other games are also very cute! Try it!

Here's the screenshot

Link to the super addicting game(well, at least for me):

Link to the site:

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