Tuesday, September 30, 2008

imagine me and you, i do, i think about you day and night

survey i got from deny, im just sick and bored, i haven't answered a survey for ages! the title is irrelevant, hehe just the lyrics of happy togehter

1. Who knows the real you?

rose ann

2. When was the last time you went out?
to school, about 6hours ago

3.If you could kiss anyone who would it be?
i dont know? my brother? haha

4 . What song are you listening to?
my itunes is off

5. Whom does it remind you of?

6. Last movie you watched?
in theater? for the first time

7. Which of your friends live closest to you?
karen is closest to me. but she is my cousin/friend.. to be strict,

8. What is your favorite shirt?

i dont have a specific one

9. Do you drive?


10. What did you do yesterday?
school still! ate with edlem in chantily, had small talks with friends, had a confusing day! got depressed a lot of times, played crazykart with the 3 but still got sad

11. Do you wear contacts or glasses?

12. Do you trust your friends?
i do or i used to?

13.Who was the last person to call you?
*checking my sun* victor
*checking my globe* edlem

14.What annoys you?
a lot!sunlight, quizzes, gossips, distrust, chaos, when it rains (the parking lot gets muddy!

15. Do you want multiple piercing?


16 . Your favorite song in your player?
weird but, when you're gone-avril

17. Last time you went to the mall?

18 . What was the last thing you ate?

adobo from Bob's. i know it was lunch time, and now its already 10:30!

19 . Which of your friends would make the best roommate?
i dont know, but i want rose ann, we have never been roommates before, but she's so alert

20. Last thing you purchased?

food? my lunch, if it should be a thing, then something from plains and prints

21. Last vacation you were in?

22. Do people ever spell your name wrongly?

of course! the latest was sir vince!!! he spelled it abbygail? hmp

23 . What's the last compliment you received?
aw it was about loyalty

24. Who was the last friend you hugged?

25. Which celeb are you eye candying?
i cant think of anyone right now!

26. What's next on your wishlist?
nothing in particular, uh another vacation?

27. Which band's concert would you want to watch?

im not a concert lover

28. What color are your nails?
wala! i hate the people who pursuaded me to get rid of my nail arts! hmp hmp! you know who you are!

29. Date down a special day for you?
my bday june 7!

30. In just one word, describe yourself.


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