Monday, September 22, 2008

The people I learnt to love in IM

These are the people who made me love my course and enjoy what I have today

In no particular order

Note: this was written before the crazy incident happened, so I might consider some, inaccurate already

Cherry- my angel, we face troubles in most subjects together. She is my angel sent from heaven! Haha I can often relate most of the queries in problem solving, programming, math, projects, reports etc

Hernie, the president- we have a love-hate relationship! Haha but still I adore his efforts!

Edlem “karla”- the all in one guy/girl! I just have fun with him anytime anywhere!

Nissi- no words can describe her period just kidding, my malling, eating, lakwatsa-ing companion. We did/do so many things together

Victor- the big but gentleman haha, he is just too caring J such a nice friend. So good in CK!

Angelie/ ange- the m*rselle fanatic, one of the firsts that I met in IM, and we shared the constant hatred to our RS prof (Doctor H). I regularly remind her of the vices she needs to avoid.

James “karlo/kimmy”- the latiza fan, my other ck companion, the first person who gave way to let me win in CK!

Anton “Jose”- the photographer, the minesweeper guy, the expert, my games supplier haha

Carmela- the mayor, the ever patient mayor of IM3. She was with Akol when I met her.

Tina- the hardworking CIS secretary! Good thing I didn’t run for that position!

Amor, the first lady- such a fast texter, she never fails to reply!

Frannie- the constant sun user, my seatmate!

Kate- my reporting buddy

Stephen- my 101 seatmate! My kaagaw in the filename “chua”

Syriel- we spent time pretending to do the 104 together haha just enjoyed the night instead

Makki- the joker, my eating companion, the one who gives me “kasadyahan” as what he said

Yanyan- the joker’s other half, my other eating companion

By groups

Gene, lala, paolo- the very kind co1crew members!

Kris jean, dona, jenny, MM- the diligent classmates who answer most of my queries

My professors

Dr. Go- my English and Chinese inspiration

Sir Vince- a prof who acts like a student

Ms. Bernabe- the very patient and considerate teacher

Sir kooks- the busy dc

PS If you’re not on the list, it doesn’t mean I hate you, it’s just that, the things we shared together isn’t that significant maybe…

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