Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am 19 OMG, I hate getting older (yearly). As a child, I would love to grow older and I would look forward to every birthday. But things change, another year and I cannot call myself as a teenager. School started and I had a hard time enrolling myself with some circumstances that even I, cannot understand. I am now under the College of Arts and Sciences, not CBA as what I thought would be my family until the day I graduate. I don’t have anything against it but it’s just hard to accept that I will leave the “family” that I considered for two years. I can’t imagine myself wearing green (although I love green better that yellow) during sportfest and u-week. Whatever. I am not that affected with it since I am not so active in college activities now, only in my academic club, which is also in CAS now. Though I had enormous activities with several CBA officers, I am thankful that I’ve experienced being in both colleges. I just loved CBA so much that I loved it more than my course!

I know that this is super late but I just want to talk about my summer.

When classes were still ongoing, I had a plan to take summer classes to at least entertain myself since holy week was early and I had no conflict with anything. But I changed my mind when I decided to just enjoy summer. I didn’t take summer classes because I thought that I can sill catch up with all my subjects anyways. I won’t be taking up another major for the sake of being relaxed.

Now, I am grateful of my decision since I encountered a lot of amusing times with memorable people. The events might be scattered but all of those little things made it extra special. I won’t disregard this meticulous summer for the rest of my life.

This blog entry has the purpose solely to post something. I ran out of ideas, forgiveness.

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