Thursday, August 16, 2007


It also rained all day here in Bacolod that’s why I feel that I’m getting sick. My class ends early every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I go home at 1030 or later if I’m doing something. I went to SM then met my classmates at Lopue's East.

We just had to practice our presentation in Filipino for tomorrow. We chose to present The Buzz with the controversial celebrities today. It was fun! My part was Kris Aquino. And we had commercials in between.

I had a problem getting home because we were practicing in my classmate’s house and my car was parked a bit far. So I had to wait several minutes to let the rain pass. But then, it never did. I just decided to run because it was getting late. So, now I feel I’m sick.


宝茹 said...

Hey Kris! :D

Katia said...

take care of your health. hehe. the buzz interviewing angel locsin would be really controversial. :) i just heard about it. ano ba yun napaka off topic ko. :)

ikay the dancer said...

haha.. just get well soon.

Abigail said...

tnx! :)