Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my evil twin

Did u ever had someone plagiarize anything from your site? Like a quote, picture or anything. Now in my case, my chinese name is being copied by someone. He maybe thinks its joke or its something nice to use. So devastating!

I’ve had encounters like this before but I didn’t tackle it publicly, so now I emerge. I was viewing friendster tirelessly when I got to read an update from a contact. I am not usually minding those but this time, it caught my attention because it was written in Chinese. I thought it was a shout out and I read it and to my shock the name of the person was “lester 我是蔡爱萍”! Imagine my astonishment when I read that! To my non-chinese friends his name says, “lester I am Cai Ai Ping” and Cai Ai Ping is my name.

He is pilfering my name! It is very ovious that he is not chinese and he is a guy copying a girl's name. How dare him! And I don’t understand the purpose to why he did that! I don’t know him personally so I don’t mind messaging him because he may be a bad person or what. I can’t remember who he is so maybe I approved his friend request long ago. Because I don’t approve friend request from people I don’t know now. I know I should have an action, but I have no plans yet. Here is his profile.

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